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5 heads a whole night and an 8th

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Nycskater, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. So im decently new to smoking and a friends and I have a free crib and we are copping an 8th. We plan on smoking blunts, butt we don't want to smoke everything in one sesh because we probably will have 2-3 smoke sesh. How many blunts do you guys think we should we smoke in each one and I want the last one to be the biggestt?
  2. and how much should i put in each?
  3. Only an eighth for 5 people? You'll get one blunt out of that :p
    Just smoke bowls.
  4. just roll three. two one gram blunts, and one 1.5.
  5. do .5 x 5 = 5 blunts.

    last one is 1g. = 1 blunt.
  6. What ever you feel like. Why not roll a gram blunt ahead of time and then just keep the 2.5 for hitting bowls as the night wears on, or you can just roll more as you feel like it later on. Its all personal preference though, i prefer bowls.
  7. my bowl was mistaken for a toy by my brother and he broke it
  8. Roll up 2 fat blunts, 1.7 in each, and smoke one, then save the other for later. 5 people and an 8th is a lot, so that's the best way to do it. And if you got good weed that 1.7g blunt will be good for all of you.
  9. i think ill roll two .5s for the first seshh than a gram for the second and a 1.5 as the last oneee
  10. If you can afford an 1/8th of bud you can afford to hit up your local shop and get a cheap glass pipe. Passing a bowl around among bros is so much easier and more convenient than blunts. Plus I feel it makes the weed go a little further.
  11. This is what I would do.
  12. every1 besides me its like there 3rd time smokingg
  13. and will two .5 blunts get you high the same as a gram one
  14. :mad:

    Reading "sentences" like this makes my head hurt.
  15. #15 BurnAFewDown, Aug 4, 2011
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    not at all. I get pissed when there's only an 8th between 4 ppl. I don't smoke a ton per session, when by myself (usually 1 or 2, .2-.3g bong bowls.) but when in a group it goes super fast, especially if smoking blunts. One 1 gram blunt will barely make it around twice, at the most.
  16. its gonna be hard to make the most out of your weed smokin blunts. cause .5 blunts just suck. So, if you must smoke blunts, make sure theyre swisher.. a .5 dutch will be 90% paper.
  17. /thread, you have an eighth. roll one blunt and you'll all be high. you don't need to weigh it out exactly and divide it evenly, i don't know anyone who does that....
  18. i gram blunt will go around way more if its just puff puff pass.

  19. Me and my friends usually get 3 to 4 blunts out of an 8th. A .5 gram blunt is way too skimp. Roll up 4 blunts and smoke two at a time and you'll be skeed all night
  20. i would just roll a one gram blunt.whenever i roll a blunt thats how much i use and its the perfect amount for a nice blunt imho.

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