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5 guys burgers and fries sucks

Discussion in 'General' started by dickens cider, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. That place is mediocre as hell. Under-seasoned, bland, and not in the same league as Fudruckers in terms of quality burger.

    Why does everyone love that place? It's barely a step up from wendy's, and people are talking like it's some epic burger.
  2. You know, I went there the other day and wasn't impressed with their cooking with peanut oil bullshit. The fries were meh....the burger was alright. I agree with it being overhyped. I mean I'd go there again, it wasn't terrible but people talk about it like if it's a fucking 5 star restaurant or something.

    Hell yes about Fuddruckers. I love the fact that they have a little melted cheese dispenser. Instant hot cheese fries!
  3. sorry to hear about your bad restaurant experience. I've never heard of that place though, where do you live? Also, gotta ask, were you high? as I'm sure you know that would've made it taste better :smoking: however if you were high, and thought it sucked, then damn that has got to be the worst place to eat
  4. Yeah, 5 guys really isnt all its cracked up to be. I live in the DC area and a 5 guys just open. Now...If you are looking for a quality burger, go to ZBURGER:hello:
  5. i hate that place! like you said mediocre food that everyone goes nuts for- i dont think many people have had a real "good" cheeseburger in their life which is sad to say because of the obesity rate in america, at least get fat from actual good tasting food
  6. Wow I gotta get to one of those fuddruckers, that place looks nice. The one in north andover might get my business in the near future.
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    Never been there, but I hate when you here people hyping up some place you've never been to and it turns out to be overrated. I had never had Chik-Fil-A until a couple of years ago when I was down in Georgia on business. I thought it was bland as hell, fries and the chicken. It must be a peanut oil thing like Royksopp mentioned about 5 guys because they were advertising how they used peanut oil.

    I also thought Chipotle was good but overpriced for what it is.

    Edit: Actually, it may be the peanut oil because I just remembered one of my old bosses deep frying a turkey at work for a Thanksgiving lunch we were having, and it was pretty tasteless to. Usually deep frying makes anything taste better. Doesn't seem to with that though. I must experiment.
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    It's overrated and overpriced

    I'd rather make my own hamburgers for 3-4$ a person and have them be a-fucking-mazing than eat some thinly sliced, super greasy dogshit for $7.
  9. Fuddruckers is absolutely terrible and way overpriced. 5 guys is ok
  10. What the fuck did you just say about Chik-Fil-A? :mad:
  11. Now you got me wanting to head south to hit up Fudruckers. Place is BOMB. I've only been once when I was on vaca in FL, but shitttt best burger place I've been to.

    I've only been to 5gys once too, and it was good, but not even close to Fuds.

    The girl hooked me up though because I was ZOOOted and just stood there not knowing what to get, took me forever to order. Ended up getting 3 burgers and a bag full of fries for the price of one burger nd a small fry. So just bc of that I'll go back:hello:

  12. hehehe, Sorry man, the barbeque sauce was good.
  13. Its good if you take it for what it is - fastfood.
  14. Something many foodies would scoff at but you should do anyway: grind your own burger out of beef tenderloin. No fat in the pan needed, throw it down on medium low. Caramelize onions. Bacon. Bun. Condiments.
  15. Fo'real, don't hate on Chik-fil-a. Where else can you get a better chicken sandwich for $3? Add cheese and one of their sauces next time if you think it's bland. I promise it won't be then. (especially Polynesian sauce)
  16. I've only been once, and it was over winter break. I smoked a fat bubbler bowl right before, and I enjoyed the shit out of 5 guys. I don't know why you guys have had such bad experiences with it, but I thought it was great munchy food.
  17. i wouldn't say it's bad but in the world of cheeseburgers, in-n-out reigns supreme

  18. Unfortunately for me, I'm stuck in the midwest, and SOL. I dream of the day when I can go smoke a fat joint and hit up in-n-out. One day....
  19. i enjoyed the cajun fries when i went there
    the burger was really shit
    never going there again.
  20. :D:D:hello::hello:

    I've gone there for my birthday every year since I was 6. Fucking love that place, but the only one around here is closing, not enough business. Don't see how, it's the melted cheese that got me hooked back in the day. And the closest one is like a 2 hour drive.:(

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