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5 Grams

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by So Dank, Dec 28, 2012.

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  2. Looks about right
  3. When you're taking a picture of something for others to guess who aren't there to see it in person, regardless of what it is, use a common item for size reference such as a quarter or a BIC lighter.... pictures can be deceiving. That being said, with the small amount you're asking about....yes, that looks about right. My advice is simply for future reference.
  4. I'd take that big ass stem to my dealer and bitch slap him for throwin it in there.


    there ya go

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  6. 3.43 exactly.

  7. no ur dumb the bag on the right is 3.5
  8. That doesn't look like 5 grams to me, but I can't tell how dense the nugs are.
  9. Well I guesses 3.4 on a 3.5 pretty excite. And im proud of me dumbness thank you.
  10. zzz thats sure a hell of a lot more than I got the other day, and mine was supposedly "10 Grams"
  11. Skimp as fuckkk... Hope that's not what your dealer gives you all the time? He might as well give you bags of shake with a tree trunk.
  12. Did u post what ended up happening in that thread?
  13. Edit: and yeah it looks a little short but like someone else, we have no way of knowing how dense the bud is.

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