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5 grams of weed =)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by GreenMage64, Feb 13, 2011.

  1. Hey, need some pictures/videos of what does 5 grams of weed look like, possibly in comparison to other items and a better quality, anything will do though =).

    I am going to pick up in 2 days since I don't have a scale I can only eyeball it =)

    Thanks, peace :smoke: =D
  2. Not all bud is the same, some is more dense some fluffy. Either get a scale or have you guy weigh it out in front of you.
  3. You could compare it all day to pictures online, and eyeball it, and still be off by a lot.

    Bud density and weight varies from plant to plant.
  4. 100_0254.JPG

    minus a spliff or two..
  5. Thanks =D

    Post more if y ou have some
  6. Each nug is a gram

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  7. Lmao :laughing:
  8. i can't think of anything else to compare it to

    5 grams is max acceptable amount to have on you in the netherlands, it was 5 grams when i bought it but i smoked a spliff maybe 2 out of it so it isn't the full 5 grams but close enough

    the cigarette box is the best thin i could think to compare it to haha

  9. I would rig something up if i needed to.

    Theoretically, this would work.

  10. I've done it... then compared the weight to a actual scale (0.001) and it was was on 3 different weight tests by about +- .1

    So if your measuring say... 5 grams and you set it up(correctly) and it comes out to 5.1-5.2 or 4.8-4.9

    I'd say u have about 5 grams.
  11. Ask him to weigh it out in front of you? Eyeballing bud is always tricky...
  12. Yes first of I live in a shit hole, this is not USA.
    So basically if you don't bring your own scale there's no fucking chance the girl I buy from(which is underage, and se trades me weed beetween brakes in her school) is going to have a scale.

    So yeh, eyeballing on the spot is my best chance, all my other guys are dry right now and this is not bad weed, I just don't trust any dealers, especially here =D

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