5 grams of hallucinogenic mushrooms

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  1. Last night myself and two friends bought an ounce of shrooms and ate 5 grams each. The trip started slowly, with little waves of confusion and euphoria as we were rolling up the four blunts we planned to smoke. Once that was done, we sparked the first one and watched my two other friends play Halo.

    We went outside to smoke cigs and chat, and watch the stars and the general scenery. Eventually I was tripping absolute balls, thinking at a mile a minute about anything that my brain could grab out of the autobahn that was my train of thought.

    Eventually I went outside and laid down on the grass watching the stars by myself for thirty minutes and came across a couple revelations. Cars, gas, skyscrapers, the stock market, none of this was meant to be on Earth and that's why there are so many problems. After a while it got cold and I went back inside to share these revelations with my friends, one of which was drawing (he's an amazing artist and had drawn about 50 square feet of material this whole time) and the other was laying with his eyes closed, surely pondering something monumental. We talked about all of this and more for a very long time over the remaining two or three blunts and determined that cars were a very dangerous form of low-speed time travel and that none of us would drive our cars ever again, never buy food taxed by the government, or allow any of our earned capital to be taxed by the government (I.E. quit our jobs, sell our cars, grow our own food, etc.)

    eventually friend A went to bed and friend B fell asleep shortly after. Leaving me to play Halo and encounter some very ignorant people who decided that they could tell I "wasn't tripping on fucking mushrooms" because of course they know whether I am or not better than I do. I did get a couple doubles and one triple though, which was a very spiritual experience. Afterwards, for some reason I wanted to watch a movie and fall asleep and I picked 28 Days Later (bad choice) and ended up on the front porch honestly thinking that the Earth had been abandoned as in that movie. Either I was upset by this or just extremely tired but I ended up crying on the front porch by myself smoking my last cigarette. It was a very powerful moment, I wasn't scared or having a bad trip, the reason I was crying was because of the beautiful evening I'd had with 4 friends that I love. It was all so beautiful to me it shook my emotional fibers.

    all in all this was an amazing experience and I reccomend the heroic dose (as it was coined by Dr. Terrance McKenna) to any person willing to experience the horrors and beauties of this Earth in their most extreme magnitudes.

  2. Wow dude, really, really powerful stuff. Shrooms always amaze me. The experiences are just so vast and endless. You can really get through to yourself on them.
  3. I just recently had a gnarly trip that ended up sort of like yours, very powerful..
  4. Damn man, you had a potentially bad trip when you put in 28 days later. It's funny how something like that can effect the whole direction of your experience. I ate an 8th of some gold-caps last weekend and tripped hard. I want to say the hardest I've tripped ever but I had some crazy visuals candy trippin' last winter.

    Anywho, I had a similar experience. I found myself thinking of many 'bad' things that were on this earth and how they could all be eliminated and in-turn make our world a peaceful place, with no crime, no war...complete happiness.

    Last time I tripped that hard it was a night-mare, literally. I ate a little more than an 8th, and couldn't grasp if I was in a dream or not. I kept trying to convince myself, remembering me falling asleep.

    It went as far as me trying to find myself where I fell asleep.
  5. Yeh bro, That's a pretty powerful trip.

    I ate 10 grams MAX before... That was a fun trip. Staring at the stars, you could basically orgasm as every twinkle caught your eyes...

    But yeh bro, Watching zombie movies while tripping, is a bad idea, haha. Cigarettes and shrooms go together better than Natty ice and Newports.
  6. Fuck that shit I eat 5 g of hydro shrooms and find my ass in the atl mental ward.
  7. Yeah it was a pretty intense experience, I think if I feel really bold next time I might try a quarter.
  8. Yea last time a friend and I ate a whole eighth and I had what we now call "The everlasting night of insanity". It sure as hell was not pretty, but I gotta give it to shrooms. Whether it is through a beautiful enlightening way or a hellish, unbearable nightmare, either way you learn something very important after each trip, and you never forget it.

    I'm more of an acid guy, it's way less intense to me, and more glowing and enlightening. Shrooms are just a huge incoherent jumble of thoughts accompanied by a very very strange body sensation to me, like my limbs are melting or something.
  9. Stories like this make me want to shroom :rolleyes:

    +rep for the cool tale
  10. what?![​IMG]

    lmao. please explain "hydro shrooms" to me.
  11. haha epic man. Happy that you had fun. I've been debating with myself whether I should try zooms.
  12. Sounds like a very nice trip. I need to try shrooming ASAP.
  13. Wow, man sounds like an awesome trip. Ive never been on shrooms before, mainly because they never come to my town.

    Lol, thought that was kinda funny.
  14. that sounds pretty tight.....im planning on eating about 5 grams on saturday for a chillin concert

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