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5 gram bud

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by washingtonsmoke, May 6, 2011.

  1. Five gram bud I picked up from a friend for $50. It was some no name dank, sorry about the picture quality. What do you think?

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  2. Looks like piff man! Nice pick up
  3. Yeah it was good not as many crystals as I normally like, but it was covered in hairs and got me pretty faded haha.
  4. Looks like good beasters.
  5. Should of seen this one guy i got from my ounce it weight like 7 grams it was a fucking beast haha but enjoy that bud :smoke:
  6. that bud must be dense cuz that doesnt look like 5 grams but nice pick up regardless and i call that high mids low end dank
  7. Yeah the bud was INSANELY dense haha. The bowls took forever to smoke!
  8. good price for good looking chronic. I used to get buds similar to these often... Montana gets its fair share of beasterish buds often. Are you from WA?
  9. yup, in the kent area.
  10. dope i love Seattle and the surrounding area :cool:, being a native washingtonian... cept i was born in tri shitties. :eek:

    Do you usually get 40/eighth for dank? or less ;)
  11. Most I'd pay for that is $30.

    Hope it's good, looks great.
  12. I pay $10 a gram for dank, so 4 grams for $40. Haha 30 for 5 grams? You got deals! Where you from?

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