5' Glass

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    Built this thing probably a year ago. you get monster rips and takes training to
    clear it in one go. It has a diffuser i made from a shot gun shell and some
    plastic tubing lol that surprisingly works very well.
    Its all thick glass (i bought the biggest glass tube they had:D)
    except for the stainless steal shower hose and the rubber cap at
    the bottom that the hose screws into.
    (not me in the vid btw)
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=US-229eC0QQ&feature=video_response"]YouTube - 5'4" Bong (Five Foot Bong)[/ame]
  2. do i hear wu-tang in the backround? And i hoped you thoroughly cleaned the shot shell before smoking out of it, inhaling gunpowder and the chemical residue from the primer would be gross. But nice bong tho. It would be fun to try clear that.
  3. HAHAHA yes sir i think you do, i love bumpin wu tang on my 18" sub
    and yes i cleaned the shell out well and its only the plastic part i cut the primer
    and the metal part clean off
  4. WOW what a great bong
  5. That's insanity. I would train to tame that bong.
  6. Any bong over 4' should require a bong buddy
    Thats the way I see it

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