5 Gallon Watering Schedule?

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  1. Post your amount of water and how many days in between. Im doing 1 gallon of water every 4 days and the temps are around 70 degrees. Is this to little?

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    I do 5gallon autos. I feed 1.5 gallons on Sundays and 2 gallons of water on Wednesdays..or when my leafs start to droop.. This is on mature plants.. My ro ph 6.6.. Feed scheddule ppm at this point is 750 - 1000 ppm all fox farm nutes room humidity 45% average with temps between 73_81 degrees Fahrenheit. As long as your plants are not drooping for to long and utilizing what your giving them you should be fine.

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  3. This is my first grow and ive been slacking on my watering schedule. I was doing once every 7 days with a 3/4 of a gallon but i was getting runoff. So im just trying to go by what people are giving now and watering closer to every 4 days

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  4. I try to achieve a heavier run off when I'm watering and a light one when I'm feeding I pay for the nutrients but some helps flush out the poo

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  5. doing hempy buckets here with a 1 gallon reservoir in 5 gallon buckets . Im so cal coastal temps are 65-78 and they are drinking alot. Every 2 days im using 7 gallons to feed and fill the reservoir on the 4 buckets im running and allowing a 20% run off

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