5 Gallon Bucket grow.

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  1. 5 gallon bucket grow , i call my micro grow a 5 gallon bucket grow because i started the plants in a 5 gallon bucket tray and then planted the small plants in a cut off 5 gallon bucket , i then snipped some cuttings of them and cloned them in a real ufo 5 gallon bucket cloner, And in my bud chamber i use a hood made from a 5 gallon bucket that works super good. and i also keep my mother plant inside a real 5 gallon ufo grow capsule. I treat the girls like crap i tie them down mercilessly yea to the top edge of the 5 gallon bucket pot to make the tops of my canopy absolutely flat this way i can keep the maximum number of buds closest to the bulbs sometimes less then 1/2 inches away under my bucket hood. Oh the seem to love it. See for yourself. I ahem will take full credit for inventing the 5gallon bucket hood, and the 5 gallon ufo cloner and the 5 gallon ufo grow capsule. Oh i also made a non wimpy co2 machine (out of a 7 gallon bucket) you can see it on top of the dresser i load it with 18 lbs of sugar and 5 gal water i then extract the alcohol after it is done fermenting i run the hose right in the top of the hood and so the co2 drops right down on the plants. Down to the right is my ufo grow capsule. My bud light schedule is 13-11 and when i find the right timer i am switching to 14-12. My light shedule is complicated to save electricity and still get great results, only 4 bulbs are on at any one time for 3 hrs but after being on for 2and 1/2hrs the other 4 bulbs kick on so there is a 1/2hrs overlap where the plants get the light from all 8 cfl bulbs at the same time, the benefit from this is that there is kind of a pumping action from the light the plants grow real hard for 9-1/2hrs periods ea day then the get a break for an hr or so then its growing at full tilt again for another 1/2 hr. The plants seem to like this varied light intensity. Another side benefit for having double the bulbs but only burning half at a time is that it gives the same effect as a light mover when the light switch back and forth your Plants are getting hit with intense light from different angles. This is a very cheap way to grow indoors and still get great results, the bulb sockets that are mounted in my hood cost about $3/50ea at owes. And the 26 watt bulbs are around $10 for 4 also at owes, 2- cheap timers $9, the wire is lamp cord maybe $4ea you need at least 2. A roll of white duck tape $5, All connections are twisted together with wirenuts. Some nutes $20. My Co2 bucket and hose and yeast I got from a beer brewing supply $15, And the 20 lb Sugar to load it $10/ So I did not spend more then $115 for the complete set up. For ventilation I drilled holes in the top of my bucket hood and down low in my growth chamber and also up high witch creates a natural airflow and so I need no fan and gets rid of the heat from the bulbs matter of fact I have had to duck tape a couple of the holes since it was not warm enough for my plants.
  2. Ok here is a update now November 30th 2011 most of the girls are getting close to the chop i think another week or 2 i am still not seeing many amber resin glands most of them right now are milky so i keep waiting.

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  3. December 11 update the plants are very close to the chop i have already flushed them 2 times i think i will cut within a week. I have already sampled them these buds potent and dense all with 8 -26 watt cfl light bulbs 2700k. I did use co2 and 2 tablespoons of molasses to a gallon each watering, the nutrient brands for veg were "Fox Farm grow big 6-4-4" and for bud "Blue Moon one part growth and bloom 3-7-3 for soil".
  4. December 27 update this is the 3rd chop in the last 10 days the buds are not finishing at the same time so i just take the ones that are done, The plants in the pots are the last of the bunch left . This is my first grow with cfl bulbs and frankly these buds are as dense as any grown with sodium vapor or any other good light. The are not the biggest buds but the plants are all bud and all are hard and super potent. I just found out a couple of days the history of this extraordinary potent strain it came out of mexico mostly indica and then was mixed with jack herra strain, man how good can this get?

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