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5 Gallon Bucket DWC

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by AZhydroponics, Jan 15, 2013.

  1. This is my second grow ever. Last time I went as cheaply as possible with a soil grow, and got some really good results from a bag seed using GH Flora series for nutes. This time I am doing it right, bought a grow tent, bought an HID ballast and hood. I am doing DWC because with other plants, I seem to have much better luck than I do with soil. This grow is from Strawberry Cough I had a couple weeks back, so it is not guaranteed to be female. The nutrient solution is currently 14ml each of GH FloraMicro, Gro, Bloom. I will be changing this to a stronger solution for vegging in a day or two. So far having great results. It has been in the bucket about 4 days and has shown really nice growth already, IMO. I also have a Casey Jones seed I will be germinating shortly, most likely will it it in a 3 gallon DWC. With the results I am getting, I am very happy I upgraded to a decent grow setup. It makes a noticeable difference.

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    Looking good man , good choice on the 6" lids thats all you need unless u plan on growing some massive plant, also make sure the hydroton is constantly wet so top feed for a bit to encourage root growth in more directions so u can get larger root masses and yield n roots shooting out everywhere from your net pot u wont be able to find the mesh on the bottom
  3. Its my second grow and I did about the same thing u did, cheap first grow and my second is a 500w led hydro grow. 2 dwcs and 4 hempies.
    Love the dwc but I am running lucas formula and its running a little hot. I have it day 2 flower at 500ppm on r/o water and its burning the plants. I brought it up lightly but its not handling much yet. But the plants massive, cant wait till I start seeing bud. Just hope I didn't hermie it because I did a ton of training on it.
  4. I have two plants in three gal buckets. I'm using Dutch Masters in my line up. I started from clones. The top feed is a great idea. You should also look at other systems to kind of get an idea on how to adapt yours for best results with low cost. I would def top feed a small out of nuts to keep the hydroton wet. I also have 10" net pots not the smaller ones.
  5. If you don't have a tds meter you better get one,:) your plant should have no heavier nutrient level than 150ppm, also, its not necessary to top feed, just run the water up to the bottom of the net pot, cause if you have enough bubbles your rockwool will stay plenty wet!:D:smoking:

  6. Also make sure he has an air pump good enough to push the stones.
  7. This is my baby now. She grew beautifully after i fimmed her. I have switched to 12/12 light cycle now. Starting to smell nice, hah. Thinned out tons of leaves, and tied down a few branches to maximize light.


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