5 females in full flower, closet grow

Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by chicken, May 9, 2006.

  1. started these girls 3 mo.s ago, didnt have a cam, so i grew them silently.
    guess what i got a cam now,,,

    im still learning this camera [ and comp. in general] so bear with me. any comments will be appreciated. this is my first indoor grow. with bagseed to make sure i had all the '' elements'' under control. i dont think i did too bad.;) what u think????:hello: :hello:

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  2. Those look like osme nice colas, when ar eyou going to harvest?
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  3. my lst plant is maturing first. the others are following behind... ill proably start picking in the next 20 days. and then so often as the buds ripen. looks like i got 2 sweet indicas. my lst is definatly a sativa.. and my sog experiment plant, well its in the air. well see when we puff on it.

    i been using '' worm tea'' alaskan fish emulsion. miracle grow fert [ the plant food during veg. , and the bloom booster for flowering] the soil is a mushroom compost, black cow, perlite, african violet soil mix, nuetral potting soil, some granulated charcoal, and a little supply of about 4 different brands of''organic traditions'' products[ epson salt plus sulfur, triple phosphate, garden lime],blood meal,bone meal, and some t.l.c. my ph level has stayed in the safe range thruout the whole grow , no highs or no lows, its allways in the 6.2 to 6.6 range... im ready to adjust it. just aint needed to yet,

    this is my first indoor ''experiment'' grow its only as difficult as you make it. ive grew a lot outside. inside aint no harder. simple if you ask me :wave:
  4. Looking very nice indeed! I especially like the Confederate flag back-drop. ; -)
  5. I especially didn't like the Confederate flag backdrop. It would make a better towel.
  6. i thought some people may not approve of my flag . or my stuffed owl. i am very diverse, would you like to see a picture of my 100% mahogany african tribal mask????? just say the word and ill take a pic. of it i need the pratice on my dig . cam.

    ill say this i invite you in my house, the pics. you see is the mens room around here. your all welcome....

    that flag to me has no hate issues at all [ the k.k.k. hijacked it] its my southern heritage. and nothing more ... everyones welcome in the mens room. say you wont to see it id like to take a pic. of my mask!!!!!!!:p no harm here fellow.... its all good besides green does show up better on a red background see youll :hello:

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  7. Hey Chicken,
    Looking real nice brutha. You are getting better at the picture taking. Lets see what you can do with your mask. Plants look tasty as well. Bet you can't wait till harvest. I can't wait for more pics...
  8. looks tasty. hahaha i am actually salivating. apparently i'm feigning for some herb right now.
  9. Nice looking bud, my friend. Now worries here about you home. Thanks for the invite. Might take you up on it someday
  10. HIGH All, is someone happy!!!!! Nice Buds chicken and the camera...well that gets better with each pic. What are you growing to grow next time?
  11. Whats wrong with the flag? I say fly whatever the hell you want to fly, as long as you keep the hate out of it.

    NIce plants!!!
  12. You're at the worst part now Chicken... your buds are starting to fill in nicely, but you have to just wait and watch, no matter what the temptation to just pluck a piece off and drop it in the bowl! :D
  13. Another farmer joins the Circle.... Nice lookin plants... Ya bud does show up better with that flag behind it...

    EDIT: What lights you useing??
  14. i got a 400 h.p.s , with a batwing reflector. and a m.h. conversion bulb [ put up for now] ive experimented with this cam. and i must agree, the flag helps to define the pic. so im gonna take them in front of it,, when i shoot the next ones... those plants pictured earlier are only 2 of the 5 i got going.. 3 are vertical plants thats never been topped. heres a pic of one of them..
    ill get better pics. of them 2 ...

    1 is a bullshit plant, it wont get pictured , its in permanent residence where its at.. check out this bud covered bushy bitch:hello:

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  15. heres my 2 verticals, with the nasty sick colas,,,

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  16. im gonna try a outside shot this weekend to see if itll do better out there....i need more light, for the cam.
  17. good lookin plants you got chicken ...... I'm diggin those fat popsicle colas
  18. nice flag buddy
  19. all these compliments, youll are making my head swell,,, i like looking at those colas myself,,, im going to cut some bamboo tomorrow,, to support them, one is getting so heavy its starting to lean a little,, [ reminds me of the ''donkey dick'' strain ]

    temps are a steady, 79, the humidity, ranges between 50%to 57%,,, my weekend project is to, play with the circulation. that humidity must come down a little,,,

    sure as hell dont want no moldy buds,,,,, thanx all of you for such nice words!!!!!:p
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  20. work got called due to the rain,,, im gonna get some outside pics. today, particular the lst plant,,, should be better quality,,, [ im hoping so ]]]

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