5 down, 4 to go.

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  1. Work fuckin blows today. Half the people already started their xmas vacas, so hardly anyones here and IM SO FUCKING BORED!! This day is just dragging on. All i have to do every 7 minutes is flip a switch, take out finished part, put in another part to be made, then flip the switch again and push go. Then sit on my ass for 7 more minutes. I need something to do. Gimme something to make time go faster.
  2. Where do you work? Factory it sounds like.

    But sounds pretty boring, mindless work. Sometimes makes you think way too much.
  3. Every time you put in a new part do 10 push ups

    And 10 sit ups , you can do both at the same time or alternate , 1 part push ups next part sit ups
  4. Im a machinist. We make a lot of cool things out of raw material and its fun then, but when you got the machine setup and running u basically just catch parts. Which blows. Most jobs are only like 5-25 parts but this particular one just happens to be 950 parts. Gonna take foreverrr
  5. Heres what im making at the moment.

  6. Lol ya right. Everyone else here would think ive gone crazy lol

  7. I'm just happy to see jobs like this in America still.
  8. Do you work on a CNC? I did that for a bit. We had to manually rough down some of the parts. But yea. When the parts didn't need roughing it would be pretty boring just putting in the same parts over and over and watch them machine.
  9. So, your bod will be sexier than Dactrain's once your done ;)
  10. ^^Ya im in charge of 5 cnc mills.

  11. fuck that you can do pushups anywhere
  12. Ya me too lol. These parts are "fluid distribution caps" for aircraft carriers. We make a ton of little things like this for all our military vehicles and missile packs.

  13. Well then you guys should be really busy then. :smoking:
  14. Yea our military contracts save us. During the recession we were one of the few companies who was hiring
  15. i feel you man, i work in a factory and there is like jo one here at all today. none of the people that use what i build are here so i basically have no reason to be here. only an hour and twenty minutes to go..
  16. Im down to 2 hours lol.
  17. Psh nine hours. I'm 8 into a 16 :p
  18. Check out the sex with chubby girl thread lol
  19. In case you don't know who Dactrain is, he is this guy

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  20. Damn thats rough man. I wouldnt b able to work those kinda hours. Longest i ever worked was like 12 hours

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