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  1. Hey guys this is my first grow and I was wondering if at 5 days old my plants should only have 4 leaves and 3 inches tall. I'm growing world of seeds afghan kush (the free seed from herbies) and vulkania seeds northern city haze. Anyone have experience with these seeds and have any tips?! I'm going to be doing an 100% outside grow I have a great spot in a woods where it gets sun all day. Right now both plants are in smaller plastic gardening pots. When are these ready to transplant to my 5 gallon buckets? I've done tons of research but there isn't much info I could find about a newly sprouted stage. Any feedback would be great thanks!!
  2. Do you have any pictures? From your description, it sounds like the seedlings are growing well. Are they inside right now or outside? I would advise letting them grow for another week or so before transplanting. I think it's perfectly okay to transplant them directly into your final pots.
  3. They are being grown outside now so I don't have to harden them off. Is this a bad idea? I'm not sure how much sun to give them. I will post pics when I get home!
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    Here's a pic image.jpg image.jpg
  5. What kind of potting soil are you using? It doesn't look like there is any Perlite in it. Perlite really helps with drainage. I would definitely wait several weeks to transplant. It would be best to have 3 or 4 sets of true leaves before moving them into a bigger pot.
  6. It's an organic soil mix with peat moss,worm castings,limestone, and kelp meal in it mixed with nice fertile soil. I do plan to add perlite in my 5 gallon bucket mix. Do you have any idea how much sun these girls should be receiving throughout the day until they reach vegitative growth? Is this how big a 5 day old healthy plant is?
  7. It seems to look fine and healthy. 5 days old is just a baby. There is perhaps a little bit of stretch there, but that could be because viewing pics on this new forum layout sucks. lol
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  9. thanks for the feedback guys! i will update soon with some new pics. Ive been looking into ways to produce bigger fuller buds and i dont know if i should super crop, top the plant, or use strings to tie branches down? And when exactly do i start these techniques?

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