5 day old plant curling/twisting, advice appreciated.

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  1. So I have a 5 day old plant that has it’s first set of true leafs kind of twisting/curling. It’s a bit strange to me.. there’s also a few tan spots starting to appear. I’m not using any nutrients this early but they were planted in soil that has some already but I’ve always used soil with nutrients without a problem. These are going to be moved outside at about 3 weeks so I’m just using 65W CFLs as light about 2-3 inches above them as cfls don’t give off much heat. Here’s a few pictures to help identify the problem. Any sort of advice is very appreciated. Thankyou all very much.

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  2. What is the relative humidity around the plant ?
    Humidity is key in the first stages of growth, and makes a hell of a difference to overall well-being,
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  3. Perlite is your roots' friend.
    Good luck and welcome to GC. :)
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  4. Roughly 55%
  5. I agree 100% but you think this problem is from the roots? If so should I repot this with 30-40% more perlite or just wait until I transplant it outside in 2 weeks. Thanks for the fast reply!
  6. Probably overwatered. Very common with seedlings. Roots can't breathe, leaves curl up. Gotta let the soil dry out. More aeration helps, like they said above...
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  7. hey buddy are they metal containers that there in ??
    depending on what soil your using ph issues could be the twisting it has happend to me in coco my lesson learnt for getting complacent :)
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  8. Do you have drain holes in the can? What is the dirt your using? Ph/ppm of water going in and out?
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  9. Ooh...is that White Widow, perhaps? Anyway, it just looks like variations in water, nutes, etc. That doesn't mean "don't sweat it" at all. Great job with the pics, and I'm sure if there are some potentially serious issues someone will check those out and say..." Aieee!" It should straighten out with good old TLC and talking to her..."daddy." lol
    ps. I've got 5 WW girls a couple weeks behind yours. (catastrophic renter error) killed first crop a week in ground. ALL of them have a kind of twisty cabbage leafage, And the same for a friend. I'm hoping we're all safe.
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  10. Before it gets to the "aieeee!" stage, though I didn't think explicitly of humidity, I did suspect it was hydration. As a rule indica's always seem to prefer dryer surroundings, and I've always used medium fast draining soils, then water a number of gallons allowing the soil to "nearly" dry, repeat... works for me. I think your babies will straighten up and fly right and do repot, even though a short time. keep her happy!
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  11. Snip the top and bottom off a transparent plastic bottle and spray the inside with water, put it over the plant so the leaves don’t touch the sides, it will increase the humidity directly around the plant,
    If humidity was the problem, you should see a difference within a couple of days or when new leaves form, re-spray the bottle when the water beads clinging to it evaporate.
    Happy growing.
  12. Humidity is not the OP's problem - nothing wrong with 55%.
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  13. Thanks for your reply! These are feminized ladyburn 1974 Jack herer X ice dream (pretty unknown strain for most people) which is Indica dominant. And Im guessing it is something with the water or soil (always have some nutes in it) but not sure. So you think I should just go ahead and repot with perlite even though I’ll be moving them outdoors in about a week or so? I just want the less stress as possible. So not sure if this problem is significant enough to repot or wait until I move them. Just want my babies to be happy and thrive!
  14. Thankyou to EVERYONE for the fast replies! Wow I’m so glad I joined this forum. You’re all very helpful.
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