5 day comparison photos. Growing slow? Help!

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  1. These have been flowering since the 21'st of April, so around 3.5 weeks and my buds seem to be developing pretty much hairs only. So, i took a picture of the same bud twice over a period of 5 days. Is it growing reaaaally slowly? This is my first grow.

  2. Im no pro but you have several problems and more info is needed like lighting, soil, nutes, soil ph.
  3. I'm by no means an expert but It looks like your really over watering. :eek: Please post more info.
  4. alright, yes I am watering and I do have several leaves dying and falling off. They're all fan leaves though, nothing serious. I water once maybe twice a week. Light schedule is with 5 CFLs at exactly 12/12. Should i switch to maybe 13/11? I have given it small amounts of nutrients (1/4 strength) and once i gave it 1/2 strength nutes but that immediately started burning tips. Soil is organic potting soil, no time-release nutes, nothing but enough root space and some good drainage.

    Growing temperature is around 70* night and day, with more than enough air circulation, its an inside/outside grow. Long story.

    Here's another branch, they pretty much all look like this, and a picture of the plant.

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  5. What spectrum are the bulbs?
  6. they're proper flowering 2700s... i didnt want a HPS 2200 although i know that'd be beautiful haha.

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