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5 dabs in a row!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by lilnick, Dec 26, 2010.

  1. so yesterday me and a friend made around 10 grams of super bomb earwax. Just a few minutes ago i took 5 dabs back to back out of a glass ti skillet and a roor. i just puked. this has happened to me before. anyone rip too many or take too big of a tube and puke?
  2. Been there many times before, it's pretty easy to do when you're using good oil and a good method for smoking it (like a ti pad). I have actually made people (who had pissed me off, of course) puke from one single dab of my oil. How much bud did you have to blast to get ten gs of earwax?
  3. Wait...earwax? Ti Skillet?

    Edit: And yes I have taken a rip so hard that I've puked...all over my goddamn pillow.
  4. to get the 10 grams i did about 5 ozs of super prime trim and popcorns grinded up.
  5. mmmm some wax sounds sooo gewdd right now. bbut the bubblehash will have to do
  6. how is the concentrate scen in michigan sicne the med moevement statred?
  7. SHITTY! seriously michigan has alot of work to do. at least where i live, detroit and lansing have it goin on. my friend in steamboat springs actually ships me all my concentrates. i love your state, so much in fact that i move to steamboat in 2 short months!

  8. i got friends up there its nice man. congrats on the move. holla for genetics.
  9. aha thanks bro. and word
  10. What is earwax? Could some one edumacate me please?
  11. 10 grams of wax!??

    HOLY SHIT:smoke:
  12. first day i got my bong my friend puked all over

  13. Earwax is a type of hash oil. It is named that because of the color and consistency it has - tan colored, with a flaky, crumbly consistency, just like earwax. Having hash oil with this consistency is generally (but not always) a sign that it is of exceptionally high quality.

  14. Thank you sir! I appreciate such a robust definition of earwax. +rep buddy!
  15. Oh and I see michigan mention alot? DO their dispenseries provide this earwax? or am i tweakin
  16. ive been making bho oils for awhile now. It hasnt been til the last month or so i learned how to turn the goopy oils into all sorts of different consistenys ive now become addicted to making different kinds. i love it. im somokin more budders and waxs than herb these days its crazy
  17. oh low key ima look that up now, your just making it sound fun
  18. I hear you on that man. I don't even really smoke weed anymore, except for the occasional joint while i'm driving or at a concert. Otherwise it's nothing but BHO. Once you perfect your method for making it there really is nothing else like it, one fat dab can have you feeling better than any amount of bud could.

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