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5 cop cars came to my house today

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by M1K3, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. Today, I decided my little outdoor plant needed a bigger pot. My friend and I transplant her (as of today I'm pretty sure it's a female), into her new home and put her back outside. She's in a hidden location on the side of my property. After putting her back, we start walking back to my house with just a shovel. This was at almost 4PM.

    Here's where it gets interesting. I have a pretty long driveway, and I see a cop car slowly creeping down the driveway. I drop the shovel immediately since he wouldn't be able to see me yet from where I was. We were walking towards my driveway from the side, pretty close to the house. The cop gets out and makes us stand in front of his car. He asks us what we were doing up there. I told him we were walking to my barn which is in that direction. As I'm saying this, I see two more cop cars come down my driveway. Then he asks who owns the white car, and my friend says it's his.

    Apparently when my friend was driving to my house, he dropped his phone and swerved and some lady called the cops. And somehow they saw his car at my house and came to see if he was drunk. Eventually a total of 5 cops came to my house because of this. My friend gave consent to a breathalyzer test and passed. Then one of the cops asked if we smoke marijuana. Of course, we said no. It took some convincing.

    Needless to say, worst timing ever for cops to show up at my house. Luckily, they eventually left and didn't search anything (like I would let them...haha). I was scared to death! :eek:

    Then at 4:20, we smoked a few bowls of course. Had to settle down after all that. Haha. :smoking:
  2. haha fuck :smoking: if that were to happen to me i would offer the cops some marijuana. Then we were all get along and chill. fuck im too high, don't mind my response.
  3. I'm not really up on this part of the law or anything, but can a cop just show up and give you/your friend a breathalyzer test on your property outside of a regular traffic stop? Would you still lose your license for a year if you were to deny it?
  4. Bah! Heresay!

    "Fuck that shit officer I haven't driven that goddamn car all day. Get the fuck off my lawn :mad:"

    If your friend had been drinking, and your friend also admitted to have been driving, he would have probably gotten fucked with a DWI/DUI.


  5. This:hello:
  6. wow talk about bad luck...
  7. Tell your friends :)

  8. I made it my status on Myspace:eek:

  9. In all fairness to the OP, "they" could have been the cops. But if they didn't personally see him swerve, he was a bit rash to admit anything..

    I would have seen how they reacted to me refusing a breathalyser.... just for fun, mwahaha.
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    Yeah, I meant the police saw the car in my driveway.

    I'm pretty sure a cop isn't supposed to come on my property and do what he did. He even asked me to remove everything from my pockets. We were just trying to make it easy so he would go away. Especially since we didn't have anything on us, and he was already suspicious about where we were.

    The cops around here are ridiculous. I got pulled over for running a stop sign once and she yelled "Put your hands up!" when I got pulled over. I didn't think that was necessary haha.
  11. WTF. You didn't say that in the first post. The cops had no right to bully you into taking all of your possessions out.
  12. I'm trying to figure out how the whole police station is even necessary for this situation?
  13. LOL fuck em! I told Joe Arpio to go get a warrant and that NO he could not search myself or the minor I was taking home with my niece that night after a party/rave. I was the DD for them and was stopped at like 3am with two scantly dressed under aged girls in my car, I'm in my early 30's btw. This is the big shot in Arizona that thinks he's Mr tough on crime and shit, the man man and his henchman, lol. When asked why my car smelled like marijuanna I asked him how many times he had smelled marijuanna and whether or not it was a sativa he smelled in my car or an Indica. His response was me being told to get out of the car, to which I refused and pulled out my phone and turned on the vid. as did my niece and her friend. Moments later when the third and fourth car arrived is when sheriff Joe came strolling up with his "posse" as they are called in Arizona. He asked why I refused the consent to search and why I refused to get out of the vehicle when ordered. I rold him the officer had no cause to stop my car other than he saw me out late with young girls, there was no traffic violation that I had been informed of. When he approached my car and said he smelled pot I asked how familiar he was with the smell of pot. Sheriff Joe now threatened to have me removed and my car searched with "probable cause". I laughed and smiled. then I told him to shove it up his ass and unless I was going to be charged with anything I was going to leave, it was getting late to have such young girls out on the town. As his face get red I told him, "I have the money to fight the case you sas head and I know my rights, I'll fuckin bury the lot of ya in a court of law asshole!" Less than a minute later I was in the parking lot alone, they bounced. No more words, nothing, just left.
    So know your rights, print them out and keep them in your wallet, car, purse, everywhere at all times. You can simply pull it out and read it to the officer if you get busted or harassed.
  14. Holy wall of text batman!
  15. five cop cars for that lol, dont they have anything better to do!
  16. Damn man you did nice then. I never personally have seen this douchebag. Peoria pigs are worse than in any other city of AZ.

  17. That's what's up! I need to keep a piece of paper with my rights in my wallet from now on. Only problem is sometimes police don't go by the book, and I don't want to tempt them.

    Here's an example. A friend and I were driving to walmart. We brought a packed bowl for the way. Luckily for me it was my friends car, bud, and pipe. We drove down his street, and he was positioning his GPS and swerved a bit. Right as we turn onto the main road, two undercover police trucks pull out and signal their lights. Keep in mind we hadn't started smoking yet...the packed bowl was in a compartment out of sight. They asked why he was swerving, and he explained about the GPS. They shined their flashlights in our faces and asked him to step out of the car. Eventually, they brought drug dogs in WITHOUT PERMISSION or even asking permission and of course they responded and found the bowl.

    Now, my friend should have known his rights and told them to GTFO. But being 18 and intimidated by the cops, he didn't know what to do.
  18. If your in a car, your boned. They CAN detain you. Without permission. I think the dude talking about that arpio guy a few posts back was either lying or fooled the hell out of the cops, because YOU HAVE TO GET OUT OF THE CAR if a cop asks you too, reasonable suspicion or not. They can also call in dogs for the same reason, or lack thereof..
  19. I'd like to add on to some shit. They can require you to get out of the car, and you have to. But they can't search your shit without probable cause. See cops assume every teen who makes a wrong turn, or does some shit wrong, they are smoking the reefer. Just step out of the car, look them straight in the eyes. And kick em in their vag.
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    LOL. They can ask you to get out. They can frisk you to look for 'weapons' (this is a bullshit lie), but if they have reasonable suspicion (BULLSHIT! IT USED TO BE REASONABLE CAUSE) they can turn out your pockets and check your person. They can't search your car without reasonable cause(edit- or a warrant, but reasonable cause comes first in most situations)*.

    But they CAN, CANNNNN detain you to call in the dogs. That's why I don't beleive that dude, if they called in that many cops, and the sherriff, because they were suspicious, they either didn't have dogs on hand or they don't know what his rights are and they bought into his mis-truth. Or he's lying because this is the internet.... :confused_2:

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