5 and a half weeks into flower what ya think

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  1. 3rd harvest this year been goin perpetual grows next batch is almost two big for veg box any tips and pointers from Other growers doing perpetual grows
    I’m trying to grow as much weed as possible would love to just smoke hash but would need a lot of weed so goal is to one day have surplus to make into hash been saving my trimming gonna buy bubble bags after this harvest
    My mother is biggest plant in veg tent just took 20 clones off of it

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  2. Very nice! I'm right there with ya
    Just starting week 5

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  3. I love perpetual.
    I usually have about 40 in veg always waiting to go big.
    Nice looking plants.
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  4. Yeah I want more faster lol need more power lol one day have another tent and harvest once a month not evrey two it’s taken me 6 months to get this stuff dialed in close to where I want it and plants are showing it
    I haven’t grown in a good 9 years since this run which started 6 months ago and always outside before
  5. You don’t remove fan leaves ? I’ve been fighting high humidity helps with less fan leaves
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  6. Yeah I defoliated pretty heavy throughout veg and into the first couple weeks of flower ... now I just selectively pull fan leaves. I want to clean them up really good but I'm worried that it might stress them out to much.
  7. Definitely clean em up might stresss em out do it slowly handful a day I stop removing them when leaves get too sticky too touch without gloves
  8. Thanks for the advice, I will definitely be doing it. The humidity gets crazy high, especially during lights off.

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