5 albums you have to listen to in your lifetime.

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  1. In no particular order.

    1) Leftover crack - Mediocre generica.

    None of you probably listen to this but its the best fucking punk cd there is. I always used to get down with some leftover crack freshman/sophmore year.

    2)Nas - Illmatic.

    You like hip hop? You like this cd.

    3) eminem - the slim shady lp.

    Some people hate on eminem but hes got a unique and one of the best flows around hes a real ass mc too he freestyled to come up in the rap game just listen to this cd.

    4) Outkast - atliens.

    best outkast cd and thats saying alot check this shit out

    5) Notorious big - ready to die

    no comment needed
  2. gtfo this thread
  3. college dropout
  4. Epic Phail.

    I don't have to listen to any of those - Even if I was an aficinado of Rap, I can think of 5 better Rap albums:

    1. Beastie Boys - License to Ill

    2. Run DMC - Raising Hell

    3. Public Enemy - Fear of a Black Planet

    4. NWA - Straight Outta Compton

    5. Snoop Dogg - Doggystyle
  5. your all some haters
  6. Um...no. Nowhere did anyone say "I hate you". You're the one who typed "5 albums you ahve to listen to in your lifetime." Sorry, no, I don't have to listen to those albums. Not by a longshot.

    Besides which, what makes you think that there are even that many people on the board who even LIKE Hip/Hop? Hip/Hop is a very polarizing musical format: usually it's either hated or loved. But because it's usually so black and white, there's no way that a list of nothing BUT hip/hop albums could possibly be the 5 albums you MUST listen to in your life time.

    Now, if you were thinking of doing a SERIOUS what 5 albums couldn't you live without, or maybe a desert island discs thread, then you'd have a topic.

    But this is just your five favorite albums. Whoopee.
  7. TOOL- Lateralus
    Pink Floyd- Dark Side of the Moon
    Radiohead-- Kid A
    NIN- Downward Spiral
  8. That deserves a +rep but I have to spread it around
  9. 2 and 5 I agree

    i would add makaveli 7 day theory
    the chronic
    and reasonable doubt
  10. haha, see i told ya no
  11. get out of here with that shit they arent even all hip hop albums your just a hater trying to hate
  12. Someone post a decent 5 album playlist. None of this highschool ghettoposer shit.
  13. Sigh, some people just don't get it.

    Come back son when you learn how to converse with others without using base terminology that you actually do not understand.
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    one of them isn't hip hop...

    guess we dont got any leftover crack fans here

    your all ignorant to hip hop too gtfo if you dont like hip hip
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    None of those albums the OP posted are by any means essential listening.

    Let me help out:

    Dangermouse - The Grey Album
    Jay-Z spits over Dangermouse cutting up The Beatle's White Album. You can't really go wrong with this album, regardless of whether you're an MTVfag or a straight up backpacker.

    Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here
    Infinitely better than Dark Side of the Moon in pretty much every way imaginable.

    Elliot Smith - Either/Or
    I can't even begin to describe the lyric prowess this man had. It's a shame he isn't around any more.

    Godspeed You Black Emperor! - F#A#oo
    If only people knew how many of their favorite bands have been inspired in some way by Godspeed You, their debut is a fantastic landmark in the then emergining post-rock scene, and these guys set the bar HIGH up there for future bands to try to reach.

    Glassjaw - Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Silence
    The original, and still the best. Similar to Godspeed because most people don't know how influential Glassjaw was on so many of the bands they listen to and how they led and continue to lead the way in underground music.

    There. That's how you fucking do it.

    Leftover Crack is not the best fucking punk cd ever, if there ever was one. And you can't say an album and then not give a rational reason.
  16. i am a hardcore fan, so i kinda feel that leftover crack
  17. Hardcore don't count.
  18. only good person on there is elliot smith he was legit i agree.

    and hell yea someone gets down to some leftover crack here u a choking victim fan?

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