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5-6 weeks clean! Drug test!!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Memy, Aug 14, 2017.

  1. Okay so this here's the deal!
    Drug test tomorrow. Been clean for about maybe 5 weeks now. But I am soooo nervous. A little info on me
    165 pds
    Smoked regularly before quitting. I have a detox drink I'm planning to use before the test. Will update with results and info on detox drink. Wish me luck!!
  2. If you have an average bmi and fat percentage, since thc is stored in fat cells, you should be fine after 30 days or about 4.5 weeks. So I think you're good. Just in case, what kind of drug test? Maybe pick up a cheapy at the local drug store if it's a comparable test for the one you're taking and see if you are good. They're fairly simple tests to be honest.
  3. It's a pre employment drug screen piss test lol. And honestly I think I'm leaning towards the not so regular bmi. All my fat seems to go to my thighs and butt ,so I'm guessing above 30 percent. I can be wrong, but I really do hold all my fat down there. I took a dollar drug test kit this morning with the result of a real faint line meaning negative. I bought two more. Going to try one right now and in the morning first void
  4. Wow, took another home test , and it is an obvious positive! Omg I am nervousss yall
    No input sorry but goodluck
  6. Thanks:thumbsup: Im pounding water until test! Will give update!:hola:
  7. So I took my drug test, waiting for results in a few days
  8. Did u pass ?
  9. Well I got the job and never received the call from the mro telling me it came out positive! I was clean for about 27-30 days. Drinked alot of water , drinked champ detox drink 1 hour before the test. Not sure if it helped me passed because I was clean for about 4-5 weeks
  10. Start new job Monday!! And I will not be smoking any more!!
  11. Yeah I'm just scared of taking a detox cuz I heard they can detect them now :/ I have one at labcorp & im 42 days clean still testing positive at home :/ it's crazy lol
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  12. No that is false. They can not detect detox drink. It's like drinking a regular drink. Just make sure u don't dilute to much. But 42 days sounds pretty good. I smoked every day prior to me stopping, but about 1 blunt a day for the past 3 years.
  13. And I read sooo many threads jus like u, I was very nervous! I was testing positive from home as well
  14. Yeah everyone says to just sub:/ but I know it's so hard to keep the temp right and this lab has a curtain u pee behind can't even close a door! but I figure if the home test picks it up the lab must be able to! Just bugs me out that I'm still dirty ! on another post took someone three months to get clean from smoking everyday for years like me (I smoked a couple blunts a day) what lab was your test at?
  15. Arcpoint Lab. And I honestly think you are good. But honestly, if I am ever worried about a drug test again, I am going to sub. I just couldn't think of a clean friend I had lol. If you are unsure, the would strongly suggest u sub. I did all that worrying for nothing, putting my job on he line. Just put it in a condom and ut it in your boxers and wear two tight boxers . All I kept thinking about was how stress free if it would of been if I subbed. But perhaps you are clean
  16. And some home test Also came out negative for me, but if you don't wanna take any chances! SUB!!! It would of been sooooo easy if I did it
  17. Keep me updated
  18. I will keep u updates & thanks! and I'm a girl so I might just put it under my bra and wear a sports bra too. and yeah everyone says I should be clean but the home test still test positive! def don't want to risk it cuz it's for school to start my clinical. Honestly the stress for subbing is just as bad! U have to find ways to keep it warm, hope they don't hear the pill bottle open and all that ! Kicking myself in the ass for it stoping theee months earlier I just believed the 30 day method would have worked cuz I'm only 110lbs I was wrong lol
  19. Oh ok, I'm a girl as well lol! That's even better. Keep it between your legs girl!!! Or buy heating hand warmers! Girlll i definitely would sub for clinicals! Don't nobody have time to risk that! Lol. The worse that can happen is they tell u too pee again if its not warm enough, drink a detox before just in case , and pee! I think u will pass. Look up methods to sub! Trust me! If I could go back, I would of subbed! They won't hear it!!
  20. And the doors will be closed.

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