5.5 Inch Downstem broke... Could I use a 5 Inch?

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  1. Hey guys,
    I recently purchased A purple Medicali 8 Tree straight Tube at my local head shop. Got home, whipped her out, and my buddy immediatly broke the down stem.
    The problem is that the down stem is a pretty "Rare" length at 5.5 inches, and I can really only find a decent replacement in the 5 inch range. There are some on Grass City but they're sold out :(
    Its a 14/18 down stem, and I want to get something of similar quality. I cannot for the life of me find anything decent in the 5.5 inch range.
    The only problem I could see with a 5 inch is that it wouldnt reach the bottom of the piece. I dont know if that matters or not/if it would create more drag.
    Could I use a 5 inch down stem? also, if I cant, could you guys point me in the direction of a decent 5.5 inch stem?
    Thanks guys, appreciate it.
    -Colonal Sanders

  2. How much money did you lose? I want to laugh. Sorry.
  3. No worries man, a 5 inch downstem should work just fine! The only difference it'll make is it won't reach as far down into the tube as the 5.5, so you'll have to fill the chamber with a little more water so the diffusers are covered.
  4. Roor.de has custom downstems you can order from 4 inches to 7 inches and everything inbetween.  $32 euros a piece...
  5. That's what she said
  6. Lol is your only purpose on this part of the forum to criticize expensive glass purchases and to laugh at people when they break?
    But seriously you should be alright.
    I'd seduce your friend into thinking that you and him should have gay relations then snap his erect cock.
  8. A 5 inch downstem would work fine. Just add more water

    stay high and fly~

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