5-0 just searched my dorm, sort of funny.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by syzzurp, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. Hello fellow grasscity browsers.

    The FUNNIEST shit ever just happened. I was just sitting here, studying for an upcoming test, when I get a knock on my door. I look through the peephole, and who else is it but the RA? I open the door, and learn from a nearby police officer that they have received an "anonymous tip" that there was weed in my room. (I live in a single room).

    Now- a little background. I have always been paranoid of just such an event. As a result, I have gone to great lengths to hide my smoking from anyone. I am definitely the type of person you'd never suspect (ie, in higher level classes, not the stereotypical stoner look, etc). Also, I never bring weed to my room. In fact, I store it in a trailer about 30 minutes from campus.

    So, I knew at this point that something was up. I called them on their bluff. "Go ahead, search it. Hell, get a dog. Hell, I'll even help you look." And look we did. The dog did its thing. It alerted the police once, at my refrigerator. I laughed when it was only the packet of meat that I had been saving for a snack.

    And after that, they kind of left, looking supremely ticked off, but not before I got the kind officer's badge number.

    I still can't think of why they'd search my room, other than the fact that I am basically on Grasscity/420chan/bluelight all the time on the internet. Can schools look at the URLs you visit, and then perform a search? Reason would tell me no, but the fact that I live on school grounds would tell me yes.
  2. thats interesting. id like to know
  3. If you're using their internet server and not your own then yes they can tell what sites you visit. I know a girl that just lost her internet privaleges because she used limewire.

  4. Yes they can.

    Just use a proxy.
  5. I know they can tell what sites I visit, just wanted to know if it was grounds for a search.

    Also, limewire is sort of a different matter from drug related sites because of the filesharing. When I first came here, they made me delete my torrent programs.
  6. Fuck that.

    I would do anything in my power to get out of that damn place

    If I paid for my Media I would be a broke S.O.B.
  7. seriously? fuck man, i live in the dorms and go to this site every day and i'm pretty obvious with my smoking. What state are you in OP?

    this thread is going to officially make me paranoid :(
  8. I hear that
    15k+ songs @ $1 a piece:eek:
  9. I'd rather not divulge the exact school, but I will tell you that I attend college somewhere in southern Illinois.
  10. Thanks that's all i need to know, I'm in Cali and this is my second year in the dorms but my first year visiting this site. Last year everyone got away with downloading anything they wanted using any p2p, warez, etc. Also no one got randomly searched for weed.

  11. Yeah not to mention all the movies/tv seasons I have.

  12. Nice, sounds like fun.

    Yeah, in dorms you're pretty much fucked, it's not yours, and your not even renting it, it's the schools so it's pretty much up to them... and they can watch what you do online, yes, and if you have an individual wireless key, or ethernet jack or anyhting, they know who you are.
  13. isnt that invasion of privacy? Fuck that living off campus FTW
  14. Unfortunately, all freshmen are required to live on campus. :\
  15. They can check your history but it seems excessive to bring the police in. Thats hardly probable cause but they dont need that anyway. Im guessing someone was talking to the RA and let it slip out or something

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