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  1. Anyone familiar with LED here? Would 4 90w LED lights be enough to ScrOG 1 plant from clone to harvest?
    Kessil H350 magenta
  2. If you have that big of a budget, then get a Spectra 290w or 500w. Both of those lights would be overkill for even two plants. Blackstar's 240w has also been performing very well (even though it only pulls 130 watts) on grows not on this forum. PM me if you want to see what im talkin about. Also, check out irishboy's grows on the web, he uses the Spectras.
  3. No cost to me:) lights are a gift from someone, I just don't want to waste time if I'm not going to produce anything with them
  4. With some supplemental cfls, I'm sure this would do one plant well.
  5. Yeah one would be enough a guy on here was vegging more than that with 2 h150s so youl be fine with the 350s... 4 may be to many to start with some of my seedlings cower away from my 126w light
  6. Here's a comparison
    Left H350 Deep Purple / Right H150 Purple
  7. You can tell that h350 is going to penetrate the canopy a lot better than the h150 im looking forward to seeing what you can do with 4 of these... How come you get these for free... im so jealous :mad:
  8. A Contest:)
    Ya I hope:) if not I was thinking of using them as sup. lights kinda like a glorified CFL if you will, along side my 400w MH bulb (if I get all magenta colors to kinda keep a little blue in there) or 4 Deep Purple with my 400w HPS bulb, I'm still deciding my colors
  9. 4 deep purples + 400 watt hps for flowering would be great. That's probably what I would get if deciding between the 2.
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    Ya that was what I was leaning towards more, but will the purple still be a good enough spectrum to give me that SUPER frost I've seen??
  11. Scrog you only have one plant I think those 4 kessils are going to be over kill. LED tend to make buds super frosty... check my grow im only using about 118w of actual lighting power and my babies are starting to frost up. My light is apparently equivalent to a 250w hps one of yours is meant to be 350w hps and you have 4 on 1 plant I believe... christmas should come early for you my friend... (or has it aready you lucky bastard :) was it the facebook competition you won? I couldn't enter cos it wasnt open to my country :( )
  12. No, where did you read that the H350 was equivalent to a 350w HID in my experience with the H150 is it's probably closer to a 70-100w HID but I'm still not 100% sure just my opinion. But I think 4 H350 will be able to get me through every stage of growth by themselves
  13. My babies before the LEDs
    After :(
    As you can see pretty much all my fan leafs or all my leafs were starting to die I want 10 weeks with her and got 7.7g dry so I made butter:) that got thrown out by the wife:(
  14. I've used the Magenta, Red Bloom Booster, and the pure Blue H150.

    The Magenta seemed to have the biggest effect. Please keep us posted on the H350. I had one of my Magenta 150s partially fail the other day. Now it only emits red light like the bloom booster. Could be a fluke, could be a sign of things to come.

    Mine ran 12/12 for a few months before the partial failure. The other Magenta, the Red, and the Blue are all still working fine.

    The store took back the busted one. No questions asked.
  15. Thats what it "suppost" to be equivalent to hence the "350" in the name. Wow thats a bad yield are those the ones that got root rot?
  16. When I finish my current grow I will do an experiment with 2 kessil h150s and one plant just to see what they can do i hope I can do better that 7g lol
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    I'll have to look into that but I don't think that's the case no where on Kessil site does it say that only thing it it's 2.5x stronger so I guess that should make since, I figure the H150 to me a 100w so 250 to 300 should be logical but a lot of wattage used to light an HID is waste.
    Ya that was 7 weeks didn't get the rot 9 weeks seems she just stop thriving after the LEDs were installed:( then it all went to crap
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    Kessil did extend the warranties on their LEDs since the release of the H350 now it 2 years :)
    So in your opinion would the magentas carry me all the way through the entire grow, or should I go 2 magenta and 2 Deep Purple
  19. 400w Ko Kush Nebula ScrOG

    Check out my current grow too please, haven't had anyone comment on it yet and it's my first time using coco/perlite want some input on how it's looking thanks

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