4x6.5x4 grow area potential?

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  1. I have a 4'x4' area that is a bout 6 1/2' tall. I have a 400w switchable ballast MH/HPS light. For legal reasons all I want to grow at once is 4 plants. And I want to produce at least 4 oz every 4 months. I am going to start out in dirt, but eventually want to move up to a hydro system, maybe bubbler buckets.

    So my questions are: Is this enough light for my grow? What strains should I use for an indoor grow to get my target yield that have a good potency potential? And since this is my very first indoor grow, any pointers to share with a noob? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  2. My advice is, never stop reading/learning, also good idea, get everything hooked up right now and watch temps and learn how to dial in everything so that your temps hold steady at 75-80 ,, also every 4 months would give you about 2 months veg and with that and good research on your part you will definatly blow your 4 ounce goal out of the park
  3. Also I'd say drop it down to every 3 months so you have 1 month veg,, 400 watts is decent but with 2 months of veg your plants will get huge,, either way I've seen plenty of high yields off a 400 watt
  4. I started in the same setup. How big of pots you planning to use?
  5. Well this is the first time I am setting something up indoors. Usually I am an outdoor man. Just plant it in the ground and let mother nature do her work. I sometimes grow in 5 gallon buckets outside if I grow in a tree or if I need to move the plant around different times of the day for sunlight. But with a 6 foot tall space they might be too tall... I don't know.. I roll in one month... you would think I would have this shit figured out by now lol. What size would you suggest? would less than 5 gallons give the roots enough space to produce a decent plant?
  6. I would only veg for a month, you're going to run out of vertical room if you go for 2 months. Look into plant training, it will help you get that 1oz per plant that you're shooting for.

    Just a side note. In the title it says 4x6.5x4. To me that reads. 4' Long, 6.5' Deep, and 4' Tall. Normally you want L x W x H. So 4x4x6.5 is really the correct way. Just throwing that out there.
  7. thats about the same size im working with for flowering. and have separate areas for clones and veg. with 5gal dwc buckets i put a plant in every 2 week(or i was) and each would easily produce 2-4 oz and probably more if i didnt fck up so often. i would veg for about 3 weeks from clone and flower for 7-8 weeks. so you could easily get a half lb per month with that space.

    now im switching strains to mix it up a little(heavy producers,pure sativas,pure indicas) and have a variety for patients. im attempting to setup larger containers so i can fit more plants, and keep them smaller with less veg. a sog dwc style grow.

    im going to need a much larger hood, im using a cooltube for now but plan on getting the magnum xxxl 6" hood to fill out the whole tent with a 600w hps.

  8. Yeah lol the outdoor season here is six months and so half the time really blows my mind! That is just great :) Also I am thinking of switching to 600w I was lowballing yeild but during my research I have seen guys getting about 10 oz. In three months! I will have a bunch of time on my hands at home next month and then it is on!

  9. Yeah that is around where I want to be :smoke: half pound a month is crazy! That would be amazing.

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