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    Hey guys I'm going to grow bomb seeds berry bomb.thc bomb. Bubble bomb and one other and I was wondering if 4 plants in 30 l pots under a 400w hps in each m2 so 16 plants under 4x400w will get over two pounds with 4 weeks veg ?

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  2. My last grow I did 5 plants per 400watt and veged for 8 weeks in 5gallon pales, I got almost a half pound from that
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  3. I would say month veg usually 1 or 1.5 oz off each plant.
  4. Really ? I moved to 20l pots the strain is cluster bomb I'm putting 16 plants in the middle with 4x400w hps and I was hoping for 32 oz do you not think that is possible ?

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  5. 20l pots/just over the 5 gallon mark, k.

    Dude mostly it's down to how you train your plant. If you have a single stalk then you not going to get much primo bud. But you top the plant a couple times and tie everything down into a even canopy ( or concave if using HPS/MH). And your going to get more weight as all bud get even light.

    And strain, every strain yeilds different to one another.

    The harvest I'm talking about was a single 400w HPS to 5 plants in 5gallon pails inside a 4x4. I had the 400w as close as I could get it in the cool tube to the canopy and I yeilded .6 GPW. But mind you I had topped with about 8-9 colas a plant and tied them down with a 2 month long veg period.

    So I could guess you'd get 2lbs if done sort of right

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