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    i have a 4x4 tent, im going to have a 600watt HPS w/ wing reflector. i had already ordered ventilation but it came in broken, i got a refund but i still have all the 4" ducting even tho i'm thinking i might need a 6" exhuast fan. i will have a carbon filter hooked up with it also. i read somewhere that i'd need an exhaust fan with at least 300cfm, but the most powerful (and affordable) 4" i've been able to find is only 260cfm. will this keep my tent cool? i want it no higher then 80F. the temperature of the room my tent is in is about 66F.
  2. You're going to need a cool tube or air cooled hood most likely. I've got an air cooled hood and a 600w is almost too hot for my 4x4 tent.

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  3. i already have a wing reflector. what can i do to keep it cool?
  4. Then you're going to need really good airflow at the tops of the plants and possibly a fan cooling the reflector if the temps get too high. Good luck.

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  5. Hmm depend is their an ac return in the room the tents in
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    to be completely honest the vent in the room is duct taped due to the smell from smoking i assume you meant a vent? there's one on my ceiling. but, it's a basement so it's pretty damn cold. with the hps running in it the room stays about 67. without the hps i always had a heater running but it was probably around 50 something.
  7. Best thing to do is test temps beforehand
  8. let's say the room is 60 on average, pretty confident that's the temp. what ventilation would i need?
  9. Add about 14° minimum
  10. i'm sorry i don't understand.
  11. I cant really tell u my rooms about 73 and can get up to 86 6inch 390 cfm fan but carbon filter restricts flow and i cant rearrange until my plants r done
  12. i thought you were asking the temp of the room my tents in. my tent is like 80 on average right now with one of the doors open.

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  13. You can always direct ac from the vents into the tent and maintain temp just have an insulated duct running into the bottom of the tent and vent out.
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  14. that is a very good idea
  15. The only problem is if your temps jump and ac isnt provided your sol till the ac kicks back on now if you have a programable thermostat you can setup timed events

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