4x4 tent scrog yeild?

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  1. image.jpg image.jpg I vegged the plants for like 4 monhs under leds. Thy are in 4 galon buckets with cococoir, had to put a layer of sand down to take care of the gnats. It is now in a 4x4 tent with a 600w hps and a 600w led(300w actual). I was jut wonering what i should expect for yeild? This is my first attempt.
  2. Impossible to even guess yield. Can you take a pic with natural light so the actual color of the plants is shown? Under that light they look yellow and unhealthy.
  3. image.jpg
    Wonerin if hae ph poblem. Some of th bottom leaves are wilting, and yellowin an falling off. I am trimming alot of dead laves evry so often.. Also you are seein the underside of some ofth leaves, i just put the net in last night.
  4. scrog28.jpg Why did you veg for 4 months ? that's a long time. Im on my first grow first scrog I did 2 months started out june 1st and they switched to flower ( outdoors ) about 3 weeks ago
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  5. Are you using cal mag or any cal???They look like there deficient..What nutes are u using and ,how much per gallon??
  6. Was stuggling wth leds.. They were growin slow and ive been hving some problems keeping them healthy. Also money. Wanted to save up for a new light and bigger tent before I switched the lights over
  7. Are you growing in soil //?
  8. I am just using sensi bloom now. It's a 2 part. I use 4 ml per liter of each bottle. So it's like 15 ml per gallon of each bottle.
  9. No coco coir
  10. Im doing hempy buckets 4 of them two blue dreams and 2 chocolate hashberry . For nutes im just using the general hydro 3 bottle bundle plus I did add cali-magic just to be safe , now that it's in flower im also using liquid koolbloom
    5ml cali-magic they seem to like it well enough . My scrog is a 5 x 8 since thats all the room I had for it on my upstairs balcony
  11. Looks good
  12. [Yeah it just look like you need some calcium big time ,ph could be off too but not sure if you ve checked it in awhile,It seems like your plants should be bigger in the amount of time you vegged them

  13. What do you suggest I use other than my sensi bloom? I'm completely new. Like what brand cal mag supplement
  14. I d definetly add calcium ,thats a must throught your whole grow.I use Botaincare Cal mag,5ml to a gallon may call for more for what your using it for
  15. Also
    if your new at growing ,I got to tell you your farther along then I was when I started,you got a good set up and should get a decent amount of smoke when it s done,your definitely pointed in the right direction..

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