4x4 tent + 600w setup/Kosher kush/Sfv og/Plat. Cooks/Sherbet

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  1. Finally got around to starting up this tent. Going to be running a few strains and will be pretty much letting them go except for a little bit of topping and LST.
    Received these clones early from a friend and had to put up the tent in a rush. Will be picking up the 600w ballast and hood with a 6" exhaust from the storage within a couple of days. For now they'll live with a couple of fans and some CFL's.

    Got 8 total in 2gallon pots but will be throwing them in 5gallon pots when ready to flower.

    4x4 tent
    600w ballast + bulb
    6" hood (forgot the brand)
    6" vortex exhaust + carbon filter
    A few small oscillating fans
    Fox farm soil + trio nutrients

    Kosher kush x3
    Sfv og x3
    Platinum Girl scout cookies

    Day 1
  2. Day 17 of veg. Stage
    Just barely put the 400w a few days ago so they stretched a bit much with the cfls. I plan to let them go for another 2 weeks and then flip the lights to flower.

    I am now feeding them full strength nutes and they seem to react well. I also did end up topping them but I feel like I should have done it earlier. IMG_0169.JPG

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