4x4 SOG Blackberry & Green Ribbon.

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  1. Hey everybody. Ive been on GC for a while now. Mostly just for trouble shooting. I figure its about time i start a journal. Id love to hear from you guys and hope you can follow along.

    Alright. So right now ive got a lighthouse hydro 4x4 tent set up with a 400 watt MH.(will be switching to 1000 watt HPS for flower). Right now i have 16 blackberry clones that will stay for the SOG and 2 AKs 1 of which i will mother. Also 1 purple kush that will become a mother. All of these are in solo cups with ff happy frog. I have another 15 Green Ribbon clones rooting right now that will be added soon. Which will bring my count to 32 plants in the SOG once the mothers are pulled so 2 plants per sq ft.

    Here are some pics.

    (Still setting up ventilation and what not but wanted to get the clones under good light.)
  2. Sub .
    Looking nice
  3. Thanks man. Got all the ventilation and fans hooked up. Some of the green ribbon showing roots. Gonna start adding them soon. Hoping to start transplanting to 6" pots next week some time.
  4. Ok. Ready for an update. Just moved the green ribbon in 3 days ago. Seeing some nice growth from the blackberry after transplant.



    Had some spidermites introduced to the blackberry from my roommates last run. Got everything cleaned up and under control now tho. You can see some damage on the leaves. They moved pretty fast. Got
  5. Got some spray from the hydro shop that did work. I'll have to check on the name but it was pretty damn effective. You can see some damage on the leaves from the little bastards. Took off in about 36 hours.


    So now ive got a total of 16 blackberry 14 green ribbon a purple kush which is the bushy little guy in the pic before the update. And 2 unknown cuts that were mysteriously unlabeled. Smh. Here they are.



    Im thinking about throwing i few blackwater og cuts in too just to even it out. Either that or some sour headband.

    But all is well now. Hope to hear from you guys. Gonna be throwing the 1000 watt in soon and getting ready to flower.
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