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  1. So I just set up a 4 x 4 tent. Light is a sunsystem blockbuster 8 inch reflector. Solistek Matrix ballast. 8 inch ducting. 8 inch Hyperfan. ipower 8 inch carbon filter. Carbon filter is in the back top left hand side. Ducting from that going to left side of reflector. Ducting from right side reflector going to Hyperfan. Appears I have negative pressure. The fan speed controller is set to medium. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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    Nice setup bro, kickass gear. I'd clean up the wires and get a bigger fan, other than that I love it.

    edit: circulation fan, that is
  3. The biggest clip on fans I've found are 6 inch and 7 inches. What do u recommend?

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  4. I use one 20" fan in a 4x8, moves the entire volume of air top to bottom. Hangs from the crossbars.


    I started out with a 4x4 and those little clip-ons, left dead spots at the top and bottom of my grow area and they stopped working within a couple of months. Stepped it up to a large desk fan and got better circulation. Realized that one big fan is better than a bunch of small ones and picked up the 20" ... and I've been running the same one 4-5 years now. No more warm spots at the top, no more bud rot from inadequate circulation, and it's the last fan I've had to buy for my grow.

    It's just a suggestion, the rest of your setup is beast. 8" fan, filter, and hood, 1kw light.... tiny little 6" clip-on for circulation lol.

    Cheers :bongin:
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    Not bad, but the wiring definitely needs some help. One other thing, I wouldn't have my carbon filter right above my intake. I always put my filter on the opposite side of the tent when using a passive intake. That way the intake air gets pulled across the grow area and not just straight up towards the carbon filter. I also like my intakes to be right at the bottom corner(s) of my tent so intake air cools the tent walls, and my circulation fans cool my plants. Airflow like this...


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  6. I have all this equipment plugged into a surge protector and that surge protector is going to an outlet and that outlet couldn't handle the load when I increased the light from 600 to 1000 watt it's a 15 amp outlet and there's only 1 outlet area in the garage any suggestions?

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  7. Sounds like an easy fix, should be pretty cheap to install another outlet or run some thicker wire and upgrade your breaker. If you can't do it yourself ask at the hydro shop if they can recommend an electrician.
  8. Thanks for the advice
  9. That's exactly how I fixed my own problem which was very similar to yours. Ended up befriending an electrician who has his own 4kw grow because I asked the hydro shop for a recommendation. Best solution ever.
  10. How much did the electrician charge for a new outlet/bigger wire
  11. Here are 2 plants in 3 gallon pots. Almost into week 4 of flowering. Only my 2nd grow.

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  12. I had a lot more work done, that was just the bonus. If I had to guess I'd say $100 for an hour of his time plus materials.
  13. 6 1/2 weeks on 12/12

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