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  1. After my last EBB & FLOW grow, I've decided to go back to DWC. My experience is more positive with regards to total yield/plant. So, here's what I've got:

    1000W HPS, air coolede
    Two 4" vortex fans (unsure of CFM, but it'll cover it fine per Store employee)
    9 DWC buckets (old setup, basically 5 gallon buckets, recirculating w/ reservoir, top down drip, chiller and plenty of oxygen pumps)
    CO2 generation
    4x4 hydrohut

    So, it should be amazing for a large personal stash, right? Well, I placed my order and went home. I measured the area that I thought to be a 5x8. It's 4x8. Whoops. So I have a Hydrohut that's the exact width of the walkin closet I was planning on using. Now, do I go 3x3, or try to fit it in?

    So stoned, and not prepared for this.

  2. Why use the tent at all? It would be cheaper and better for your over-all grow to just line the closet with white plastic.

    For what its worth, my guess is that 2 - 4" fans will not adequately cool a 4x4 space with a 1000 watter in it. My 5x5 tent (which I have since moved away from using) had heat issues even when only burning t-5's and with 2 - 6" fans running.....small spaces are harder to cool, which is all the more reason to just use the closet.
  3. Good question; my closet's layout is in the attached pic. The diagonal line is the closet door. The open area on the right is where it opens into my bedroom. The tent is to run the rectangled shape on the top of the graphic. Should I just use reflective material, a zipperup unit at the "front" of the room, and do it the old fashioned way?

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  4. Yeah, I say keep as much space as you can and add a zippered or velcro flap to seal it in.

    Even if you don't need all the space, its better to have too much room than too little.
  5. So, I've set this bad boy up. 12 bucket Ebb & Grow system, 1000w light, and the 4x8 sealed off with two sided material and a zipper entrance. 4x8 area, 55 gallon reservoir and ballast are both outside the room to keep the water temp and the room temp low. I'll upload pics this week
  6. Ok, so it's been vegging now since my last post. I'm ready to flip into flower.

    The temp runs at 86 degrees solid all day long. When I flip into flower, it'll be abour 70 at first, then take a few hours to warm up to that temp. Is that too hot for 8 hours/day? I have CO2, so I know the plants can take a little heat, but is this less than ideal? I'd like to go into flower today...

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