4x4 Grow Tent Ventilation in Cold Weather?

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  1. I have a 4x4ft (1200mm x 1200 x 2000mm) grow tent that is in my bedroom in which I will be growing 4 plants in under a 600watt HPS. It’s currently winter here where I am and the average daytime temperature is around 12 - 16˚C (53 - 61˚F) And the average nighttime temperature can be anywhere between 2 - 9˚C (35 - 48˚F). I have an exhaust fan setup to exhaust air through the ceiling space and out a vent in the soffit. I wasn’t going to worry about having an intake fan and instead let the negative pressure of the exhaust fan pull air in through an open vent on the grow tent and out the top through the ducting leading to the soffit. Also I am trying to keep the grow extremely discreet so any ducting hanging out a window will easily be seen from a neighbour or any cars driving past. What do you guys think? What can i do to help with allowing more intake and fresh air flow into the tent without buggering up the temperature and humidity. Should i just have an intake fan sucking air into the tent just from inside my room? Using my rooms air? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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  2. Also the average relative humidity in my room seems to hang around 50-60%. Less power consumption I can use the better. Not to worried about the temp because the HPS light should keep it pretty well heated in there. Thanks!

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  3. What are the temperatures inside of your tent? Lights on and lights off?

    It's not necessary to vent outside your house unless that's the best way for you to get rid of the smell.

    It's important to maintain a little negative pressure within your tent preferably without the use Inlet fan.

    Only my opinion, but I would use a charcoal filter recirculate than exhaust air within my room even within my home sounds like you can use the extra heat from that HPS.

    Good luck to you my friend and I hope you have a bountiful Harvest.
  4. You are using a passive intake, which is what almost everyone does.
    Air behaves as an incompressible fluid, and whatever you are venting must've gotten sucked in from someplace.
    Only if the exhaust fan is being overworked, or is insufficient, would you need an intake fan.
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  5. This is what I do open window as needed and exhaust out the top and intake on bottom next to window with thick blanket I’m too cheap for curtains lol second story so not to many nosy neighbours but it works temps don’t get crazy cold at night was snowing few weeks ago here
    I’m using a 4X4, tiny carbon filter can lite 150 and a couple case fans nice ones 100 cfm each attached together with flanges and intake fan is a USB powered computer desk fan I think I have slight negative pressure or just a nice flow air doesn’t blow out at me and tent is neither sucked in nor pushed out
    3 week of flower for these girls blue rhino and a couple white widow

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  6. Nice looking plants bro. Cheers for the info i think ill just run a piece of ducting out the ducting hole in the tent and staple it to the wall just below an open window without an intake fan. Exhaust fan should be powerful enough to pull air in and out through the top. Ill slip a stocking over the piece of ducting to dampen any light trying to escape and inturn also stop any bugs or insects from getting in.

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