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  1. I have been trying to upload my files to my photo Gallery.... FAIL.

    I am now attempting to upload pix of my week 5 Purple Barney.

    I also have 3 "the purps" 1 chemdawg and 1 white widow.

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  2. ChemDawg week 5
    Purps A week 5

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  3. Purps B Week 5
    Purps C week 5

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  4. This is the sad sack....

    White Widow week 5

    She was beautiful all through veg...Once I flipped to 12/12 and switched up her nutes.... she has been .... limp and lifeless...depressed. :confused:

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  5. Close ups of the white widow

    LED lighted 30x loupe over the lens of my DroidX

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  6. Here are some randoms that I took earlier. Sorry, just up to catagorizing it all right now, I've got a fat bowl and a warm bed calling my name.

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  7. That hps may be making the leaves look much more yellow, but it looks like you could use a little bit of nitrogen.
  8. I kinda figured on the nitrogen defincy. Thank you for the verification of my suspicion.

    For the recored, I am flowering under 1600w of metal halide. 4x400w
  9. The pictures I take, except for the ones in the room, win everything, are taken out of the room, under 2 garage flouro lamps (4' T12f40 in cool white) and camera phone flash.
  10. 4 400w lights for just 6 plants?
  11. switch to HPS if you can in any way. MH is not the optimum spectrum for flower phase, although it would be good to have like 1 mh and 2 hps, mix the spectrums.
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    Yes, I agree my method is a little odd. I am working off of scrounged parts on this first grow. I will add more later, but I have to go look at a house for now. At this point I am on day 2 of week 7. I have a 250w hps/mh, but I am currently using it for my 54qt x12 plant micro grow aka bonus box... The bonus box is on day 2 of week 8. As such I will begin flushing. Once I get that flushed I will move the 250hps over and cut down the mh to 800mh + 250hps. This is not ideal, I understand this....I will be purchasing additional ballasts and lights once I get ready for my second crop....9 total monetary investment for grow one was about $150.... I will be changing that statistic with grow two.

    My future grow will be in a 5x18 box. The box will be split in half. The flower half will running 2000w hps ± 800 mh. The veg/mother side will probably be running 800-1400 mh + T5 flouros.

    This config will give 45sqft in each room. I am also prepping for outdoor season, I have already selected the plants and have started vegging them. If all goes well, I plan on putting either 12 or 20 outside. They are barely teens right now. I also hope to be getting some additional genetics. I will be heading up to Humboldt in march for this purpose.

    Anyone familiar with headband? It seems to be a local favorite out here and the breeder is exceptionally careful about distributing the genetic. (Stingy bastard) lol
  13. I have added the "bonus box" and 250hps to the 4x4 room. I am now running some old-assed 400w ballasts on new MH lamps. The lamps are housed in old high-bay reflectors. I will be purchasing hoods now that I understand what the <explicative deleted> I am doing.
    In the meantime I am running 1600mh + 250 hps for a total of 1850w in a 4x4.

    For my first grow I think I am doing okay. Another grower said "damn man, you're growing bonsai buds" ... my strains are from the same mother as some others nearby and they looks significantly different. Mine were closely trimmed and the other was just allowed to veg normally. I stunted mine and caused close nodal spacing.

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