4x4 Ebb and Grow How Many Plants

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  1. Hey Guys,
    I am using 1 4x4 ebb and grow system , would I be able to get 24 plants in it and get 2oz per plant? I am using 600w lighting system, co2 system and all indoor hydro.

  2. Your not yielding 3 pounds from a 600w system. And do u mean 4x4 feet? Or 4x4 meters? Cuz if you mean feet I don't think you've ever seen a 4x4 area. It's not big enough to fit 24 plants, especially the about three to four foot ones you would need to yield the way you want.

    Shoot lower. Like a pound, pound and a half - even that's pushing it. but you're doing hydro and co2 so I wouldn't be afraid to estimate high.

    Also, for future reference, don't ask what kind of yield you're gonna get. It really IS dependent upon so many factors no one can give u an accurate answer, just a range. So grow the best you can and get the best yield you can. All that yield estimation is just bullshit. When it comes down to it, your yield is your yield. And you should appreciate it regardless of what it is. You grew that, and it's fucking dank. So be proud of whatever the fuck you get.
  3. Yes it would be 4ft x 4ft.. how many plants do you think i can fit in it? I plan on vegging with a 4ftx4ft and flowering with another 4ftx4ft.. its all in a 13ftx8ft room 600watt HV over vegg and 600MH over flowering

  4. I got ten plants in 1gals right now under a 400w mh. But I'm gonna have to move em into a 4x4 area under a 1000w once I put em in 5gal pots. Idk if a 600w can fully cover 4x4 but you might be able to get it to work. I'd say ten plants at most. Just grow em really big like 4-5 feet and you'll easily get 3oz/plant.

    Btw what do you mean HV? You should be flowerin with an HPS.
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    id say 1oz each depends on spacing in between i would say upgrade to the 100watt and u would hit 1lb in a 4x4 area maybe 1.5 lbs, maybe pics of your setup to help us picture your environment and conditions a little better. You using a tray? currently i have a 4x4 and can fit about 9 plants in there i estimate 2oz each.

    Here is what my 4x4 looks like
    It has 7 but u can imagine two more where the cloner is.
  6. My buddy had a 4x4 table with 40 plants in the 4 inch cubes. He used a 1000 watt hps for 2 weeks in veg then flowered for about 9 weeks. The plants finished about a foot an a half tall and they had very little side branching. I think they stated that small because the roots grew so fast out of the cubes and had nothing else to grow in. Anyway he got almost 2 lbs I think it was like 26 or 27 ozs

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