4x4 875W and 2x2 50W Optimization

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  1. How would one optimize this setup? It's LED. I want to stay under 10 plants, but I want a harvest every couple weeks.
  2. Not sure you've got enough light there to handle 10 plants unless you're planning to use one part for veg and the other for flower and are combining the plants in the two spots. Light is the most important part of the indoor grow and each plant you flower needs the same high wattage/good quality flower light and it kept as close as possible without burning the plant. Having to pull lights higher up just to cover plants is robbing all your plants of valuable light strength and your plants will just stretch to get to the light instead of fattening up the buds. Do some reading on those lights and what they can actually handle as far as how many sq. ft. of coverage you get with them. LEDs generally cover much less area because they're small bodied lights and shine only straight down with no reflectivity outward. Don't overload with a bunch of plants if you don't have the lighting to get all of them to flower properly. You would do better with harvest wet to flower less and give those optimal conditions and best lighting you can manage. But definitely lighting is the key to forcing them to grow and produce. TWW
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  3. You're saying 875w for a 4x4 isn't enough? Roughly 54w per sq ft. What kind of leds are they?

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    All she said was that it's not enough for 10 plants which I agree... that's not even 100 watts a plant... much better off flowering 4 or 6 in that space imo.

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  5. I have 4 plants flowering in my 5x5. All depends on your setup. I let my plants veg for as long as it take to flower. Seems like 4 plants is going to work well.

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  6. Yeah I personally have two in a 4x2 and it keeps it pretty full... I couldn't even imagine 10 in a 4x4... 4 would fit nicely if grown large 6 would work if veg'd appropriately

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  7. I never said I wanted to flower 10 plants at once... I have 5 strains, so to keep 5 plants in flower, and to have 5 vegging for the next cycle is the plan. I would like to get a bigger light for veg, but I can't handle the excess heat it would produce quite yet(just set up the flowering space.

    So far I am using my 50W to keep plants in veg, ( making sure they get 18+ hours of light) but I am putting them in the flowering room to collect some of the spare photons floating around, since its much brighter than the 50W.

    I am open to any ideas. Shoot at me!
    I just want as large of a harvest that I can, without vegging a single plant for 3+ months... Id prefer if I never had to switch my flowering light to 18/6.
  8. If by combining them, you mean spending my days moving pots back and forth, you are correct!
  9. Sorry, the lights are all 275W so it would be 825W, or ~51W per square foot, for the flowering room. The lights are the same that I used in my previous journal.
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  11. No comments?
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  12. Still no idea what kind of lights you have so I can't really answer your question.
  13. Check out my signature, I am using three of those, and a shitty UFO LED.
    the coverage for my 275W LED's are apparently 1.5*2feet each.
  14. I listened to you, check out my newest post:D

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