4x2 room 20,000 lumens good?

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  1. Ok so I'm starting to design a cabinet to veg plants, and probably house two mothers and clones. I'm planning on making it 4" long, 2"deep and 3" tall and using hydrofarms 4ft 4-tube designer t5, which they mark as 20,000 lumens. My intent is for there to be 6 plants vegging, with 3 moving to my tent every 3 week, 3 clones in there and 2 mothers -- 9 plants total.
    I was debating making two smaller separate cabinets, one for the 6 vegs, and the other for the mothers and clones. Would this work out better? I fear that the different heights of the plants might be an issue (especially with the clones? I have no experience what so ever with clones.)

    Would be using an 18/6 cycle, unless people think I'd be better off going 24.

    Thanks in advance, I'm trying to get things rolling now that I got my taxes back and have some cash I can afford to spend so quick replies are appreciated
  2. If you are asking if you reached minimal requirement -YES YOU DID.....The bottom line is the weaker the light the less return you going to get at the end .
    There is no proof that 24/7 is significantly better than 18/6... But 18/6 does saves energy cost...
  3. Yeah that's what I was afraid it was; minimum. Reconsidered my dimensions and I can squeeze an extra 6" on the cabinet so I'm gonna go with an 8 bulb, making the total lumens come to 40,000.
    Yeah, I hear some people say 18 is better for root growth but others say that that's complete bs and 24 is better... since I plan on having this light in addition to my 400w hps I'm just gonna keep it at 18 to save money.. especially since I plan to upgrade my 400 at some point
  4. Was just thinking it might be best two go with two 2ft chambers, with a 2ft/8tube t5 for mothers/clone and using my 400w hid for veg... only thing is heat will become a bigger issue, plus I fear having so many lights/fans might be too much power for the fuse, not to mention it will cost more to start up
  5. i have and use that t5 set up it work's great 54 watt HO t5 right perfect to veg a mother or plants to a easy 15 '' in few week's worth it plus 20 or more dollars a month cheeper to run then m/h or hps get it good luck i don't keep mother's but can and do veg about 20 1 gal plants under that bad boy with new growth everyday about 120 out door is what i paid so don't get ripped off buy those car salesmen hydro shop's those place's suck to visit man even with all the cool shit and don't buy all the other 5 item's they will try an ring u up for that u don't need ppm meter don't need it in soil if u can read mix ratio's u will b fine ph is easy to i use drip's so easy it's stupid get any where near 6 ur plant's will thrive have a good one t5H0'S 15 buck's in electricity a month at 10 cent's a kw later's
  6. i had the exact room 4x2x3. If on the ground it does suck build it above floor a little or else ur knee's will b hurt in i only made it 2 week's and redesigned mine i stand up now much nicer also that light will cover a 4x5x5 with a 4 ft t8 next to it thats room for 20 2 gal gro bags a clone dome and some u won't grow as fast as hps or m/h so what most the time people have thing's n flower and are in no rush for the veg plant's as soon as flower room is done boom 7 weeks under t5 ho's u will have 20'' plus plant's looking lush
    i had to reply again seemd u where getting no love my 2 cent's there it is i dont get much feed back myself guy's here are book worm's and spend more time on computer then in grow they thing knowing everything is what weed's all about No its about actually growing the labor the love u grow with passion ur smoke will b fire kiss keep it simple
  7. Lastly 24/0 is best easy and u don't have to worry about light getting into box if they where to sleep using other schedule light proof a must ur call the saving's might b
    5 buck's a month 24/0 let em roll
  8. Haha damn lack of periods makes your posts extremely harsh on the eyes but I appreciate a response from someone with actual experience.
    I've more or less built the cabinet and ended up making the dimensions smaller just so my room wouldn't be so cramped; 3 x 3 x 3 1/2; I'm getting a hydrofarm 2 foot 8 bulb off amazon once I get a little more cash/my taxes back (ironic that they're going to growing now that I think of it haha).
    Yeah I'm gonna put some 6" tall blocks under the cabinet so I don't have to get quite as low, plus to help bring air through 1" hole's I'm drilling on the bottom. Maybe I'll build a shelf or something so it can sit higher though. The only issue would be I might build a whole other cabinet to stack on top of it (again with 6" divider) so I dunno, my knees can take it for now at least lol
    Light getting into the box isn't an issue, it's in a room that's essentially pitch black most of the time anyways, plus I'm gonna seal all the nooks and crannies. I'm gonna go 18/6 the first time around and then 24/0 the second and compare differences.
  9. cool cool and yes i can't type for shit or spell 2 thing's iv never been good at im a hand's on dude to sit on computer kills me

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