4th week of Flowering

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  1. Hey guys, yesterday was exactly 1 month of flowering (counting from change to 12/12). I have good pistil growth and budsites. But I still don't have buds! I'm growing White Widow, White Rhino, and Super Hash which are all 60 day flowering strains. I'm starting to get a little worried about the slow growth. The plants all look great, and they are continuing to grow, it just seems like they aren't growing actual bud's as fast as I thought.
  2. what are you feeding them? how much and how often?
  3. Earth Juice every 5-7 days
  4. Might need to add a couple weeks of flowering..
  5. I'm expecting at least 2lbs. off these plants so the buds better start getting fat, because next Tuesday will be week 5 and at that point if my plants don't have buds yet than I don't know what is going on. All my pants have flowers around the branch area with white fuzzy balls (lol) around the branch/stem area.

  6. how bout some pics and info? Lighting Temps soil/hydro humidity space etc etc..?
  7. I don't have any pics right now, I can get a few when I check on them tomm..

    I am growing White Widow, Super Hash, and White Rhino from Herbies bank. I have 19 plants going, all are female and they are in a 7x6 area with 3 400W lights over them. They are through 4.5 weeks of flower and are all between 3-4.5 ft. I vegged the plants for just over a month before switching to 12/12. They look really good, strong leaf growth, flowers around stem/branch area, small white fuzzy balls on stems that grew above the fan leaves during flowering. They look really good, no deff. problems and they are in some soil my buddy made himself, 50% of the soil is straight from outdoors. The soil from outdoors is from Missouri, which has some of the best soil in the U.S and people have had good success with mid-Missouri soil.

  8. how big are your pots?
  9. Half the plants are in 5 gall. pots, and the other half are in 3 gall. pots
  10. in my opinion if your plants are getting to be 4-5 feet tall the bare minimum you would want is 5 gallons. The bigger the root ball the bigger the buds.

    though your saying you are experiencing just slow growth?

    everything your saying looks good.

    How far are your lights from the canopy? when i had an air cooled 400w i would keep it 12" away from the top of the canopy. i had good ventilation and fans going, on a cold day i could drop it down to about 6" with no burning.

  11. Hell, I keep my 1000W about 10" away. Temps are good, so I put it nice and close. The plants love it.
  12. yeah i keep all my 1000w'ers 12" from the canopy with no heat stress whatsoever.

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