4th week of flowering. questions.

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  1. Sup GC,

    This is week 4 of 12/12. Buds have been here a lil less than 2weeks. Got the girl under a 400w HPS system with temps where they should be. First grow btw. Been feeding it mollasses evey water and nutes every other water. the fert is 11-35-16. Started giving it a little bit of superthrive and went out and got better water. Seems to be perking up a bit. But basically im wondering if the buds are going to fill out alot in the next few weeks or if my plant wont produce very much? When i switched to 12/12 they plants were 1foot tall. 2weeks later 16. 2 more weeks 17 1/4. Not much vertical growth since buds appeared but I expected that. Anywho, I placed a bic lighter next to one of the top buds, as you can tell its pretty small :p. Any advice or comments are appreciated.



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  2. Maybe 1/2 oz? Someone more experienced could chip in but that's what it looks like to me, no more than 1 oz.

    Looks good though, training would give you some more colas, but it looks healthy.
  3. she'll start putting on weight in the next week or so. im 6 weeks into flowering w/ my girls and because of the Sativa traits she's being slow at putting on weight. you might get an ounce off of her, maybe less maybe more. another thing that i see is what looks like a PH imbalance (leaves curling down). another thing that might help to speed things up a bit, defolariate the large fan leaves and allow light to the bottom of the plant, or tie her down. be patient though, you've still got along way to go by the looks of it.
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    Thanks, I did tie the branches down the other day. The two smaller ones took well to it and stayed after 3days of tying down. Unfortunately whilst gently bending the top two the plant split down the mainstem where I origionally topped it. About 1/8 inch or so. So I untied the top two branches and gently braced the mainstem where it split. Within 3days it healed but im to afraid to try and bend the top two branches again since im sure it will split again. I wasn't looking to get anymore than an oz off this plant. This was basically just for learning experience and im sure the buds no matter how small will be some quality smoke :).

    Also, what exactly do you mean when you say defolirate the big fan leaves?



    EDIT: Forgot to mention. Yes, had a PH issue, switched from distilled tap water to store bought water. Runoff is at 6.1 so hopefull it will recover with a little help from superthrive.
  5. So, woke up today and did my lookover of the girl and got a pleasant surprise. 1inch of verticle growth since yesterdays measure and the buds got a little fatter as well. lets hope it keeps that pace up :p Anywho, I did forget to mention that I do have sidelighting in my closet. 2x 23w cfl's 6500k. Figured i would use the 6500k since I have the 400w HPS in there. Also, i was wondering. All of the buds growing in the tight node spacing. Will those just eventually merge together? From all my years of smoking allready dried and cured buds I would figure that they do. Towards the top of my plant all my node spacing has decreased to less than a 1/4 of an inch. figured they might just all form one big cola? Anywho, just woke up and have to get my head on straight. A.K.A cheif session!

    Enjoy you're day GC,

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    After much research I learned to keep all healthy leaves intact. They provide important nutrient by breaking down chlorophyl during flowering. These nutrients are more beneficial than light to lower leaves. I used to trim leaves but after readings various sources including scientific journal I now try to bend leaves and branches instead of trimming.

    Are those slightly curled leaves because of low or high pH?
  7. You got it...the lower buds will keep growing up and out until you can't see the main stem. Nice looking grow by the way! I'm a couple weeks behind you with 1st indoor grow and I'll be happy to have some like your in 2 weeks.
  8. Thanks. It is due to high ph issues. The water before going in sits at 6.0, runoff 6.1, but my little soil ph/fert monitor i bought for 10$ at lowes says my soil ph is at 6.9. Not sure how to take this really. Peice of crap product or is there a reason the soil would be much higher? Dealing with other plants i have used coffee grounds as top soil which causes the soul ph to decrease when watered. Not sure if this would effect MJ negatively or not. I'll do a bit of research on that one today. Also, decided to move my babies into the closet as well. Have two 5day old babies. They were in a seperate cabinet in another room under two 26w cfl's. germed them for 2days. put them in soil, within 18hours they sprouted and are allready working on 2nd node. I put them in the flower closet because i'm not going to be living here much longer. Figure im going to 12/12 from here on out and harvest whatever is on it right before we move. Don't care about the yield just want more experience. Anywho, ranting....ummm. what?


  9. Very interesting about the coffee grounds. I've read a couple posts about 12/12 from seed...u might be pleasantly surprised.
  10. looking very nice so far cant wait to see the finish..Rep 2u

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