4th Week of Flower.....BagSeed .... PICS

Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by Mr.Smith, Nov 25, 2003.

  1. This is bagseed ...if Anyone has a Clue what it might be (strain) .....PLEASE speek up

    Plant is abo0t 37" from the Soil and seems to be Doing well ( My First Grow)

    I Do believe it has Too much 'N' Tho ....Thoughts?

    Lastly, All the New Growth on the Bottom .....IS that Hampering Bud Growth on the rest of the plant ???

    Anyway , Please let me what you think


    P.s. This is a continuation of Silent1's Threads

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  2. 2

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  3. cola

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  4. 4

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  5. Hairy bastid ain't it ;)

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  6. º¿º

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  7. This is the Lower Growth I was asking abo0t

    IS all this Taking away from BUD growth?


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  8. Silent1 Used a MG/perlite mix ( I think)

    Then I transplanted it into some Home grown Garden soil that is rich ....and has natural worm Castings in it

    I did develope some Fungus Gnats ....so I dumped some Perlite/Cactus Sand on it and they never returned

    I did nute it once with Fish emulsion .....then the leaves started curling :eek:

    So I haven't done anything but water+H202 in the last 2 weeks

    IT is So dark green it's scary

    The hairs on the Cola are starting to turn yellow

  9. looks good to me, a little green, but that very well could be strain. most indicas ive seen have been dark green. have you flushed lately?
  10. umm... when I had it, I just used normal potting soil from Home Depot (schult'z I think). It had bits of perlite in it. That's it. As far as ferts go, I gave it a little Miracle Grow (the one thats water soluable) about once every two weeks, along with a bit of hydroge peroxide and epsom salt.
  11. yeah speaking of soil have you tried that kind before? i dont recall ever seeing anyone use it
  12. But you have a hermie becausde in this pic you have a male pre flower right next to a grip of female preflowers.

    or am I just trippin?

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  13. Na thats defiantly a female...
  14. Looking real good! :D

    Get the bugs yet?
  15. if that what I have highlighted is what you are taliking about shade you are triping that is the first sign of flowers females look like that and the male just cluster up and hang down the fem only gets 1 flower on each node just like that with the little hair.

    but on my plant where I have higlighted there is another cola growing on the first 4 nodes then it is just normal the extra colas have tiny bud and hairs on them its strange.

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  16. IMHO it's a Sativa or at least a Sativa dominant. Remember: Sativa's, long narrow leafes and tall plants; Indica, fat, broad leafes and very bushy.
    Indeed the little thing isn't a male flower but something what's BPP likes to call a 'nipple' because both males and females have them.
    It could be Thai weed or something from that region.

  17. im in no way shape or form insulting your knowledge on this subject Woody, because we all know youre a master :) but im seriously confused now on what this plant is. i see very broad leafs at the lower portion of the plant, and then i see the longer thin blades, but they to me are still not as thin as a sativas leaf, atleast from what ive seen. could it be indica dom? its just to broad looking to be a sativa, but then again i see your point also because its not short and bushy, it does appear to be a tall one. all the main flowers are along the main stem, am i wrong or is this not an indica trait?

  18. LOL... No offence taken! Probably it's a hybrid as I wrote already. Some hybrids have signs of their ancestors combined in one plant. At a closer look, it looks also a bit like the G13Xhashplant or the Jack Flash I've grown in the past. The best way to convice yourself about the plant's ancestors is smoking the bud! Some seedbanks catalogues (sp?) have pics and give you the % of each type (sativa/indica) what's in a certain strain. But really, the top leafes on your pics are more sativa than Indica.
    The plants look very nice btw!
  19. WOW

    look at the Controversy lol


    Got the Perdator mites & Nematodes yesturday and promptly set them free on the plant

    How long do I have to leave the Mite packing flakes on the plant ....and the humidity up??

    Anyone know?

    Anyway, Silent1 & I seem to think it is along the lines of AFGANI

    For instance.....I took this from a guy on OG.... AWSOME pic of a Pure Afgani

    Our plants look JUST like this

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  20. if youre on the east coast, its a strong poss it could be a ghani, that was around all last summer.

    hey Woody, i see what you were talking about with the topmost leafs and thats what i was confused about because of the bottom leaf. so when a plant is in flowering, the top most leaf is what you look at to help identify wether or not its more indica or sativa?

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