4th week flowering 3 bagseed trees.

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    Hello all, I'm new here and I am a legal patient under Amendment 20 in Colorado. I am growing 3 bagseed trees under 1 400w hps in a 27 dollar pvc and plastic tent. And I would love your input and/or questions. Here are some pics: [​IMG]
  2. And here is a picture of a branch of a male that I flowered separately and on one branch (and only one) it has pistils growing out of it. Very interesting.

  3. I've been hearing from other people around other forums that the male plant with calyxes and pistils is a rare hermmy.
  4. Yea it's a hermie. Kill it or seperate it before it impreggers your womens. Long live amendment 20!
  5. I know it's a hermie. But it's predominately a male plant and only one branch has pistils on it. It's not a female with male parts, it's the other way around. People on rollitup have been saying they have been showing some breeders and horticulturists the pic and they say they have only seen very rare cases of this.
  6. yea thats crazy whats ur plans with it
  7. I got the pollen from the one weird branch in a ziplock baggy in my freezer, waiting till my other ladies finish out. I'm also going to keep the plant alive, to harvest more pollen from it. It's totally separated from my females, so no worries there either.
  8. i wonder what the seeds from that lone female bud will bear. think the seeds will be all hermie since the plant pollenated it self? Please keep this thread alive op im really curios to see what happens.
  9. Definitely. These are some responses from the rollitup people.

    "found a reference from DocLeaf, breeder for Frillitary seeds
    he claims in 15+ years of breeding, he has seen 2 male plants that displayed female traits
    so this is seen by very few
    and how they are used seems to be part of the 'secret sauce', just part of a complicated chain"

    "so it seems there are 2 kinds of hermie males
    the more common hermie will have sterile flowers, no seeds will be produced
    the much less common hermie is one that has a small number of flowers
    but these flowers will produce a small number of seeds
    the sterile male hermie pollen is supposed to be bad pollen
    it carries the hermie trait
    however the fertile male hermie pollen does not have the hermie trait
    it produces good offspring
    understand? if you do, you're doing better than me
    this is just what i read over in dj shorts forum, don't claim to understand exactly"

    "ok.Got a message from a botanist in the UK and he says its the rarest of the hermorphrodatic plants,and the resulying offspring should be dominately male,with a phenotype "unique unto itself".Still awaiting more responses."

    "but from i've read, hold onto this plant like grim death, this may be very valuable"

    SO, it's quite exciting!
  10. wow...:eek: that's pretty strange. not sure if you'd want to keep any self pollinated seeds as they are typically not viable, or if they do pop they have a much higher chance of going herm themselves. but hell, they're free you may want to throw 'em down anyway...see what happens. :devious:
    i'd definitely keep that pollen and attempt to breed it with a female of the same or similar strain, you'd have a much more stable cross than if you used the self-pollinated beans.

    i'll definitely be watching, please keep us informed and good luck!!!

    so weird...
  11. wow man thats really cool, never even heard of someone who has one of these, even if they arent viable seeds thats still a really unique, interesting trait, youre lucky if you ask me. you should definitely hold onto it and breed it. im gonna definitely watch this thread, best of luck!
    oh and your girls are lookin way good, bagseed or not i bet they will be way good, keep us updated on them too for sure
  12. yea good luck bro ill be watching
  13. ...and im also under amendment 20 too gotta luv sensible colorado
  14. Here are some new photos of week 5 of flowering. All questions and comments are welcome.

    Here's a pic of the bending technique I did for one of my sativas that was growing faster than the other two.

    The left most bud in the previous pics is actually the main stem of the sativa, but since I snapped and bent the stem, it made room for other bud sites to form.
  15. And here is a pic of my gender confused male's top. It's just cool lookin (for me anyways).
  16. I had to chop down the squirly looking bud you see in the previous pics because she had started growing male traits. I'm looking forward to some good smoke but here are some pics of the little bastard bud. I only noticed male growth on this one top and no others on the same plant, so I am going to let the rest mature and actually pack on the weight and potency.


    Here is the top bud chopped:[​IMG]

    And here are my beauties without the hermie top:

    Please, any questions or comments would be greatly appreciated. I love to show budding beauties to the world, even if there are millions of pics already out there.
  17. so how much yield are you expecting? Everything is looking really good.
    Best of luck.
  18. I want AT LEAST a Quarter Pound, and I honestly think I will exceed that mark. But I want to aim low and be surprised! They still got a lot of weight to pack on before it even gets close to a QP though.
  19. Here are some pics of the ladies in their 7th week of flowering. Looking good. ANY QUESTIONS OR COMMENTS WILL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED.Thanks guys have a nice day.


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