4th week 2 1/2 yellow bottom leaves .

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  1. Im using a soil that is pretty much Fox farm OF. Temps are from 74-84 RH 35+ fresh air from outside. 5 gal smart pots with multiple fans. Using 600 watt mh (dim from 50%-100% in its life.) Started with CFLs for a week. I just recently flushed the soil today thinking it was nut lock up because I have given 25% dose of big bloom and grow big after I over watered because they had turned yellow green. This is the lightest shade of green yet though. I thought it was nitrogen dif but after this last week with little growth in leaves I think its nut lock up. Just curious if any of you pros have any ideas of what it could be as the new grow is a darker green but not as green as they should be or that they were before being over watered.
  2. 2 1/2 inches I should say. Not much vertical growth since they were over watered but yeah here is the sad little girl. Sorry for bad pictures broke glass on my camera. I have five other plants all kinda having same problems except my controlled plant that I never over watered nor had given it any extra nuts except last week gave 25%, dose of miracle grow that is very high in nitrogen like 12 NPK and very low in other nuts. That didn't help turn it green. Instead kinda wilted but that plant has long long leaves. I use lemon juice to lower my PH because I didn't want to buy PH down. Have a bottle on the way though. I think its but lock up on them all since they all seem around the same size even controlled one. I flushed with just straight tap water that was 7.8-8.0 and run off was like 8.3 so could alkaline soil do this? There is a lot of organic material in the soil like some bark and stuff so I thought if anything would be too acidic. I'm a total newbie only know what I read. Try not to baby them too much since I made the mistake over watering. Plus terrible choice to give nuts at week two.... But hope they can recover. Not sure if its mag diff since I used distilled water before but am using straight tap ( after 24 hours of air pump)for past week. Any advice or anything is appreciated guys thanks again GrassCity.

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  3. Actually its been two and a half weeks since I gave them the nuts. Just thought I'd clarify
  4. Seedlings won't need nutes in FFOC. PH should be fine as well. I grow in Ocean Forest and typically will only add very small doses of clonex root stimulator and will friar spray with light diluted kelp extract when dark. What is your lighting schedule?
  5. I had it on 24 with cfl. Then when switched to HID went to 20/4, then 18/6 ( was getting like 86-88 degrees mid day) then back to 20/4 as I fixed temp problems.
  6. Good! Focus on root development for another couple of weeks. No nutes at all for the next 4 weeks. Only add when your girls tell you they need it. In that soil, you shouldn't have to add anything until you switch to flowering.
  7. And yes I think it was way too many nuts for them and they have been locked up for the past 2-3 weeks. That's why I flushed yesterday and some of them today. Look at this plant though this is my controlled plant in which I never gave it any additional nutrients except the %25 of the miracle grow for just straight nitrogen. Thinking that's why plants yellow. I do not think that's the problem as it got even more yellow this week. Roots were all white when I transplanted two weeks ago so I think their healthy but here is a crappy shot of the saddest looking plant the controlled plant. The middle of the first true leaves are almost whitish looking. This one has the yellow around all the leaves. The other five only get the light green around the first set of true leaves the newer growth above the node is green but not healthy plant green.

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  8. I would go back to cfl. I typically will grow them out about 4 to 5 inches tall before going under the big lights....might be light bleaching....
  9. That's what I've been told. Its not 100% fox farm as its a replica almost my nursery was out of fox farm and said this had same stuff pretty much. Worm castings ,sea gull and bat guano all that good stuff. They grow cannabis so I trusted their judgement. I flushed them so hopefully all salts and stuff that locked them up will be gone as I only fed them when they were in solo cups for first week and a half. Thanks for the replies though man appreciate it. My friend is an experience growing and even this stomps him because all the other environmental conditions are nice and stable.
  10. I think the flushing is your best option. Sounds like you are on the right track....I hope they make it!
  11. Hm never thought of the light bleaching. As most of the other leaves on other plants are a nicer shade of green. I will reduce the ballast to 50% as the room is 4x4x10 and lights at about 24-30 inches away. Think that will be good? I leave my closet door open so my other fan can blow the outside air straight into the room and is their access to fresh air and it keeps temps down.
  12. Thanks man me too. Appreciate your input on the thread though always good to have extra minds at work on a problem.
  13. Could have a weak one as well.....don't give up on her though! I have had weaklings turn into incredible plants once they get going. I plant fron seed as well and love the progression they make through the different stages of life. What strain is she?
  14. The one that is wilted kinda is Swiss Cheese by Nirvana. The other one I had shown is Blue Cheese by Barney's Farm. I also have Afghan Kush Ryder, Afghan Kush, Blue domina, and pineapple chunk. Also planted some new babies a couple days ago and they sprouted very quickly. My friend made these strains and they are Grand Daddy purp (GDP) xMaster OG ,GDPxGhost OG, and last one is GDPx cali blue dream. Those are nice and green under the same light and their pushing out their true leaves and second set. Had them growing just invade one of these girls didn't survive. I flushed with kinda alkaline tap water(8.3) run off as my buddy said the lemon juice might build up and add extra sugars. My PH reader is also off give or take .2 because it was adjusted to lemon juice which almost always is ,2.0-2.2. Chemistry for the win haha.

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