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4th of july gcity bash..

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by namron_420s, Mar 18, 2003.

  1. so this is really in the makings?!

    that gives me plenty of planning time! and money saveage opportunities.
  2. lets have it at my house !@!@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@@!@!@

    plane tickets are cheap as fuck right now, yall can just crash at my place :)
  3. It's being planned to be held at BH's house b/c he's got tons of land and 2 ponds and a pavillion...right now there's about an 80% chance I'll go
  4. i think its already being planned for out in BH's neck of the woods.
  5. i wanna see some of the 'veteran' blades here too!!!

    sj fo sho
    and we gotta find a way to get critter here!
  6. yepyepyep man
    I wanna come too
    ill start savin for bus trip asap!
    fireworks and high people
    oh damn that has to be fun heah
  7. boooooo! oh well. Wish i could go but tenesse is a lil to far for me to travel just to celebrate the 4th of july :(. Well ill be havin a bbq at my pad regardless, so any of you that even live close to california are more than welcome to come.

    make sure you guys take pictures.
  8. Damn, I'll be in Vegas that week. Sure it will be mad fun for those that go, though.
  9. TN? Theres a possibility ill show up then, thats not too far away from me, and a big 4th bbq with mass bud and stoners sounds good to me.
  10. I have the hog, the room and the place.

    I will be better prepared this time Hempress. I will put it under lock and key at my place..

    I will need a little help with some of the cooking... Any of you stoners know how to cook??????

    All are welcome and I am going to see if I can get RMJL and Smokie down here. I may have to send Smokie a personal invite with tickets.. LOL

    Hempress, we will have tents and a motor home here.

    I am going to see if Willie and Merle can be here this year.

    The only thing I ask is for every one to be over 18. I don't want to make anyone mad but that is a personal favor that I want to make up front..

    Scratch up your party clothes..
  11. ......

    /me sighs :(

    what if ur 17 :/

    ::::RMJL sneaks into the post and says "I know no one under the age of 18 so there is no need to sigh!!!!!":::::;)

  12. I'll be there for this one, for sure!!!!

    I can cook, too, so I'll bring food and cook some up. Do you allow women to touch your grill? Oh yeah, this is, sure you do!!! ;)

    I can bring some mad weed, too! I have a new 6 man tent that I haven't broken in yet so I'll bring it. I love sleeping in tents. I still have to have my pillows, though. Anyway, I'll share it with whoever wants to camp out with me as long as they don't snore...but I guess I could bring earplugs if the snorers are really special people! ;) Hell, i doubt I'll be sleeping much anyway...I'll be too high to sleep!
  13. Now we're cooking, smoking, sleeping, And enjoying the clash of the Stoners!

    Yes you can touch my grill, and the meat if you want..

    Bring what you like..

    I will have some mad assed BBQ sauce......

    I will be looking for you!!!!!!!!
  14. Norm can you sneak out Excalibong.. I know some people who want to hit that thing!1
  15. yeah, this time I'll be better prepared too...with a lot more money and I'm gonna call my dealer early, no waiting til the last minute :p

    But yeah, I'll most definately go
  16. i will TRY TRY TRY to sneak excalibong, if it will fit, i have a place:D

    and i can bring my smoke dome too:D
  17. I have started working on the pavillion. I am going to enclose it and put an airconditioner in it.

    I also am going to work on my Hog pit soon.

    I will have every thing ready for the fourth!!!!!
  18. WOO HOO!!

    again, i really hope this comes together nicely.
  19. I am trying to get the Critters here. I just pmed him and asked what it would take to get him here..

    BTW Bring the smoke dome. You may not use it but you never know!!!!!
  20. we should put a collection together to buy some glass pipes wholesale so everyone can have one of their own when they get a souvenir :D

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