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4th of Dank pickup

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by OGkushak, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. #1 OGkushak, Oct 12, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 12, 2010
    Got a nice fat bag of supposivly og kush which is hard to believe from the dealers in my area, but the bag weighed in at 8gs and its covering in yummy crystals. Very satisfied. Anyways sorry about the crappy phone pics. Dont have a nice camera. Also the bud does seem a little wierd looking as you can tell by the nug in the first pic. Anyone seen any like this?

    here is some closer up pics. My phone could not get in focus closer than this.

  2. lol you got ripped
  3. Don't listen to him, it looks.. alright. Your dealer probably just wanted to throw on a nice label so you'd be more likely to buy it though..
  4. No. I didnt. Its obviosly not OG kush but its some good shit. Just smoked a bowl out of my bong and I'm currently on couch lock. Thanks for the positivity bud!
  5. I actualy have seen bud very simular, it was thai stick. Looks exactly like that. Real sticky "stringy texture" Not bad bud.
  6. Hah, a 4th. A quarter? 1/4? Enough nitpicking lol.

    It technically could be OG kush, just poorly grown and not trimmed great either, but you can tell it's sticky crystally shit. How much did it set you back?
  7. Thats some leafy shit bro.
  8. Looks good to me, all it is missing is a little trimming, but its not like leaves dont get you high or anything, plus you got 8 g's, which compensates for the poor trimming job.

    smoke dat shit son.:smoke:
  9. Leaves add to the weight though, but, still looks pretty dank, how much did it cost you?

  10. 7g's is a 1/4, he got 8g's, which would compensate for the added weight of the leaves, pending that its the same price as a normal 1/4.
  11. How much did you pay for that whole bag?

    And thats obviously homegrown weed. My guess is someone inexperienced grew it and threw it a fancy name and cheap price to get it off his hands
  12. looks like some homegrown trainwreck to me. But it does look sticky.
    Looks can be deceiving, thats for sure :smoke:
  13. That looks like 4.5g's considering the size of the nugs, and it's probably premature buds,
    they look awfully GREEN not just lime green but green and they look heavy...not dense heavy, but heavy as in wet
    you can see this on your fingers, green on them, indicating WET
    as long as it gets you blazed many times though, right

    have a nice night friend:smoke:
  14. No way thats 8gs unless you got some big ass hands

  15. It was 95 which is a good price for decent bud around me. Most people bullshit and charge 120 for mids! Im moving to colorado in less than a month. Excited for that. Im posted up in Wisconsin right now.

    Thats what Im thinking. It knocked me on my ass last night.



    just picked up some trainwreck last week and it does resemble it and smell like it but the taste is different.

    Its 8g I always weigh before I buy and there are a few decent buds in that bag. It filled the zip almost half way.

    I have hands the size of an elephants foot. But no really I have really big hands.

  16. They really are not that GREEN the shitty camera distorts it a bit. The bud isn't heavy at all its more dried out than a lot of bud I pick up too. but it smoked great last night so Im happy.
  17. regardless of the name or differing opinions
    i'd smoke the fuck out of it :smoke:
    nice find
  18. Doesnt look like 8g to me either, but hey if your scales say 8g...fair enough :cool:

    Whats it like bro?
  19. Doesnt look like any of the OG Kush ive ever had, definitely got your moneys worth though! looks yummy

  20. This shits great. Ripped two bowls at noon with a buddy and felt it for 3 hours strong and buzzing for about 4 1/2. Its a great body high. Loving this bud.

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