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4th Grow, First Journal; Bubba Kush & Platinum OG Kush

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by JonJonJon, Dec 20, 2011.

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    Hi GC,
    This is my 4th grow, 1st journal . Almost everything I've learned about growing MMJ I owe to GC. I know I'll learn more by starting my first journal, so I'll get down to the specs.

    2 week old clones (in rockwool), just got stuck in soil.
    Veg Light: 300 Watt GroPanel pro LED made by Sunshine Systems
    Flower Light: 1000 Watt HPS
    2 x Bubba Kush
    3 x Platinum OG Kush

    3 gallon pots
    Medium: FFOF - 50% perlite
    Veg Nutes: FF grow big, Botanicare CalMag, Botanicare Sillica Blast, Hgrozyme, General Organics Diamond Black Humic Acid, GE Rapid Start Rooting Enhancer, Great White.
    Bloom Nutes: GH Flora Nova Bloom, FF Beastie Blooms, Bloombastic, GH Floralicious Plus (including some of the above veg nutes)
    co2 Boost Bucket
    Once a week foliar spray using Technaflora Thrive Alive B-1

    The plan:
    Veg girls for an additional 4 weeks, Take cuttings, and flip the switch.


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  2. The babies; one by one. 1st & 2nd pics; Bubba. The last 3 are Platinum.

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  3. Im having some trouble with bubba #2, the leaves are twisting. Does anyone know what may be causing that?
  4. After some conversation with the roommate, i decided to keep one of the Bubbas as a mother (#1). This will be the beginning of a perpetual, medicinal grow, and I might go back to the ebb & flow next time coming. The Platinum gets too out of control (saw this in the last grow), and wouldn't be practical (for space reasons) in the ebb & flow. Gonna LST some of these tomorrow. Possible scrog later?
  5. Lookin good bro, I wanna see how thesr LEDs REALLY work. Ive heard ALOTof good things bout them n I wanna see if its true.

  6. thanks man, this LED works great for vegging. Flowering too, but I noticed a higher yield with the HPS.

  7. Kool Kool, any heat issues? Does the LED create any heat in ur space? Can u mix the LED wit a HPS? As in mix the light spectrums?
  8. The LED run really cool, no heat issues at all. Yeah, I've used the LED and the HPS simultaneously, they work great together. I'll probably use them both this time around :D didnt even think of that until you brought it up lol

    ....too high

  9. LOL it happens to ALL of us. Really lookin forward to the LEDs as supplemental lighting. U gonna get some BAD ASS buds for sure
  10. Update:

    Fed the plants last night, nice growth in just 24 hrs. Preflowers are showing on most of the girls. Getting ready to LST, most likely tonight.

    in order:
    group shot, platinum, bubba, bubba, platinum, platinum

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  11. Leaves are still twisting, not sure why. Ph is good going in and running out. Any thoughts?

  12. Coulb b overfertilization. How much did u feed?
  13. 900 ppms & 6.2 ph, 3rd week of veg.

  14. :confused: Naw u seem too have ur shit down, dnt think its overfertilization. Could b other factors
  15. THANKS for stopping in my grow man.

    I like what I see so on here, any updates?

  16. Introducing flower tonight, pics up tomorrow. Stick around, due to financial issues I have to switch from the organics to using Dutch master gold line in flowering (got the nutes for free) , hopefully the plants don't shock. Any advice?
  17. I've grown Bubba Kush. The leaves are twisting because the optimal growing conditions cause accelerated growth. The seedlings are HAPPY. This is something you'll sometimes see in the first few leaf sets of broad-leafed indica plants. It's not a problem at all, they'll outgrow it as the later leaves get somewhat longer and narrower, though they will still be dark green and indica shaped.
  18. still leaf twisting? i'd love to see how its going...
  19. It does look cluttered and dark in the pics but that's not the case. The room is lit up and clean. Just bad photo taking I guess.

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