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  1. How many plants should I grow this go round in a tent that is 24x24x48 I have 600 watt meihzi led and a 300 watt led but for best product should I grow one plant or two will be in 3 gallon pots

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  2. I'd grow one. With that little space, two would be
    a bit crowded during flower.
  3. Ok and for a decent yield how about veg time u suggest

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  4. all pends on veg time bro, I cant say as to exactly how long, but having two plants in a 2'x2' would probably half your veg time requirements as if it was one plant. just keep in mind though that the plant stretches (and possibly more grow foliage) any where to 2-3x so a one footer could stretch to 2-3' pending on strain.

    ideally you would want the plant to fill about 1/2-3/4 of the tent before flower, being most plants that would be a 4-6 weeks for my guess, maybe more or less pending on training technique
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  5. 1 plant for 37 days topping 1 time.
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