4Play Before Sex?

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  1. i almost always get my girls going. whether its fingering, licking,plain old kissing. i get to work for about ten minutes before i beat that shit unless im just going for a quickie.. i heard women don't get in the mood as quick as men. dont know if thats true but there you go. and sometimes i feel that head is sometimes needed for me to get that rock.
    What about you bitches and hoes?

  2. ouch
  3. Gotta get sucked up before she gets

    Subway special
  4. Always preheat the oven before you put the turkey in :ey:

    Plus bitches love foreplay
  5. I always fore play like 29 min
  6. ^lmao
    Foreplay is nice. Gets everything reeeaaaalllll ready. ;P And it's more intimate which can be nice if you have feels for the person. But sometimes I just want to go for the gold and am horny enough to put it in and fuck already. However, usually when that occurs I'll pause the sex after a while (it's fun 2 tease tho) and switch up to foreplay again (i.e. giving him head in between banging).
    In conclusion, YES.
  7. I thought only tools didn't engage in foreplay.
    You thought right.
    That, and rapists.
  9. Only 10 minutes?
  10. Shit man half the fun is slowly getting her out of those clothes
  11. I've been with girls who didn't need any warming up they would be ready to go in seconds, maybe I'm just lucky but foerplay can be great, sometimes I like to do some fingering while making out.
  12. Foreplay is half the fun :)
    It's nice to get everyone teased and soaking wet... The first lick when it her juices just drip down your chin, damn, shit's good.
    weaksauce bro
    i go 2 hours to ENSURE that bitch is wet before i pound that pussy for a good 5 minutes
    It's not the destination, it's the journey.
  15. Yeah I always do foreplay as well.  Get her soakin and moanin and when she has completely lost her mind she gets the big D and is off to mars.
  16. My wife always has at least one orgasm, usually several before I even think about getting my dick involved. I just love making her cum, I think she likes it too :yay: :metal:
  17. youre a keeper i bet
  18. Foreplay is mandatory.
    Won't even waste my time. No foreplay for me, no pussy for you. 
  19. There's a time and a place for foreplay. Sometimes two people just want to fuck, and that's fine. If I'm at a party with a girl and want to bang in the bathroom, then I won't be eating her out on a counter-top.
    But I enjoy fingering/going down on chicks and going the whole nine yards. If she just wants the D immediately then I will give her that.

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