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4oz Cherry Master P & sample of Blue Dream

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Dank_Head, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. Picked up 4 oz of Cherry Master P for $1250. Was told that the P is for Purps, not sure. The bud has a strong fruity/cherry like smell. Smells quite strong outside the bag while sealed. Bud seems to be cured to perfection; it burns and smokes great. Taste is similar to the smell. There are purple spots on many of the nugs. Awesome bud. :) Also I got this sample of Blue Dream a few days ago. A+ bud for sure. Best I have seen around for a while. Blue Dream has a nice blueberry/hazy smell and taste. Amazing high. Heavily frosted nugs. Surpasses the bud I have been seeing from the dispensaries around. Sorry about cell phone pics..

    2.5 oz of the Cherry Master Purps:





    Sample of Blue Dream:


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  2. Nice pick up.That blue dream looks great.
  3. as you know, they both look even better in person :smoke:
  4. i remember the when i had blue dream:rolleyes:

  5. blue dream looks good cherry master eh looks alright..:smoke:
  6. sweet
    lots of work went into growing that bud........respect to the grower too
  7. i really wish i had a better camera or you guys could check out the Cherry Master P in person. Its amazing bud in every way. Only downside is it was vacuum sealed for its trip from cali.

  8. the humidity and compression of the bag just made it darker...happens when you cure bud improperly but i can see thats its fiery fasho
  9. Both look dank as hell man :smoke: Not bad price for a QP either
  10. That blue dream has my mouth watering :yummy:
  11. blue dream is some of the best bud I've smoked for sure. Top 3 with White Widow n some no name.
  12. I think ima cry, its beautiful!
  13. that blue dream is fire good shit
  14. Nice man. Good shit

  15. The Cherry is some of the nicest cured bud I have ever had. Burns perfect, smells perfect, tastes great.
  16. Master P is the signature bud from So-Cal Co-op named after said rapper
  17. i had over a qp of blue dream couple months ago, it was beautiful

  18. Yeah but it looks like one of those heavy hitters in disguise.

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