4mg kpin + 7.5 lortab ok?

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  1. sorry if this is inappropriate to ask but is that ok to take?
  2. You should be fine, but be careful benzos and opiates can depress ur CNS to much and you will stop breathing. A good friend of mine died like that but then again he took like an 80 mg Oxy and like 12 mg of Xanax (RIP Roy).
  3. anyone know the ld50 on Clonazepam??
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    ...More than you can get at one time from a doctor. Honestly, I don't know the exact number but it's high as shit. Keep it under 30mg and you should be alright champ.

    Benzo OD's are rarely fatal on their own, you have to mix shit with them. Don't make it a goal to OD on kolonopin and you won't.
  5. Yeah, I'm taken 20mg at one time and I'm still standing. Wasn't the smartest idea.
  6. I have eaten whole bottles of 1mg atavan and over 300mg of flexaril without having to go to the hospital. I don't remember most of the 3 days following but apparently I was with friends almost the whole time.
  7. yummy ativan.
  8. Gets you soooo shit faced, it gets me worse than xanax does.

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