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*** 4g pickup of some loud shit ***

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Sketh, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. I just got this shit like an hour ago and wanted to show you guys before I use some :)

    Heres some pics:


    thanks :wave:
  2. you really should re-size the pics looks good though
  3. weed cant be loud... and it seems to be always the noobiest photographers calling weed loud. It's dank i can tell... but you need a better cam.

    Loud= hearing.... NOT SMELL. I would like stoners to just describe the smell itself cause if your weed does not stink up a room in seconds... you got some weak ass ganja. :smoke:

    rant over. But smoke dat shit up dog, what did you pay for it?

  4. [​IMG]

  5. Haha, owned.
  6. calling weed loud is still not that intelligent at all... i couldnt careless if i was "wrong"... i call shit that smells "smelly/stinky/rank/stank/etc." not loud... ive never said "DAMN MY FART SMELLS LOUD AS HELL", my farts prodouce massive amounts of noise so they are stanky as hell and loud as hell :eek: just like this chronic
  7. For one I proved you wrong & two why do you care what someone else calls their weed. Its all slang so its not important. Do you go around calling weed by its scientific name to sound "intelligent"?

    Just smoke it :smoke::D
  8. Photoshop!
  9. Who cares what slang they use, Jesus Christ. And I'm a huge fucking weed snob.

    And if your bud doesn't smell up your room in seconds it doesn't mean it isn't fire (is it ok to call it that master?). Although mine usually fits this bill, it isn't a necessary trait. It can still be covered in trichomes, which is what matters.
  10. holy blurriness batman

  11. i would like stoners that would stop caring about what someone calls their weed!

    and op re-size them pics! but yea that is some LOUD!!

    HAPPY SMOKING!! :smoking:

    I laugh my ass off whenever some weenie on here complains bout that shit. Every time. And they do it every time.
  13. lookin good bruh!

    make sure you dont forget to put the headphones on.

    i dont want your ear drums to blow.
  14. damn hella loud!! :D

    seriously though that looks pretty fire
  15. wtf is with all this noise!? damn you guys are causing a racket? don't you know the time!
  16. wtf is with all this loud noise!? damn you guys are causing a racket! don't you know the time!?
  17. loud is a term from ny, or atleast in my experience, from the bronx. they call it loud because if you got it on deck than everyone knows it because of the smell. like as if you were just yelling "i have weed". it just means its bud that draws the attention of everyone around you. usually that sour.
  18. wait what? i cant really hear anything its so loud in here
  19. Loud isn't a widely accepted term, it's regional at best. It's still dumb.
  20. This is very true loud does not just refer to noise, have you. Ever heard any one say "that's a loud top you're wearing loud as in bright as in noisy or smelly but hey maybe that's just us Brits! Personally I tend to use peng,
    Or Chung or live if weed is good. Call it what you like though as long as it I'm high I do t care if you call it dog shit man.

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