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  1. Hey I have just smoked recently and got a letter from my probation officer saying i have 48 hours to get him clean results or im screwed. Does anyone have a realistic solution for me. I can take a drug test in any facility and i think i will be alone in the bathroom. I really need some help here theres a lot riding on the line and i would greatly appreciate it. Maybe if someone can help me make a gameplan. Im drinking water non stop, and i have one of those 7 day detox kits. but thats too short, i have friends with clean urine, im just nervous as fuck to do that. any ideas?
    thanks in advance:(
  2. Buy your friend's clean piss.
  3. Ok, how should i transport it? How long does that last, should i get it the day of the test?
  4. They usually stay in the room with you for probation pee tests. When i was on probation in high school they would stand so close to you that it was almost impossible to use fake pee.
  5. elmers glue bottle. clean it out first

    tape it to your balls, because they make you empty your pockets.

    The bottle is 100ml, and you need 50-60ml
  6. Ok but i get to do this anywhere, like concentra or a doctors office. I did it once at the doctor's office and they didn't come in. Neither at concentra either, its a 9 panel test though so it needs to be sent out. My urine is dirty and assuming the only 100% way to be confident is to use someone elses clean urine.

    shit man im trembling right now...ahhh man
  7. how do i ensure temperature. like im just nervous it will take a while to warm up and they will get suspicious. i mean once they mark a check mark on the temperature, is it a safe thing with someone elses urine.
  8. Go buy a drink to detox fast, follow the directions on that, then shave ur balls if you dont already, and tape a friends piss to them (or inner thigh). If no one goes in with you, use ur friends piss, if they do.. hope the drink worked.
  9. another good idea. thanks ill do that you can never be too safe. Any more ideas? thoughts?
  10. dude, they sell synthetic piss at headshops. UrineLuck or P-Sure.
  11. i live in illinois, i know they sell the drink...i think its zydot? any reviews if that one works?
  12. So i have a glue bottle, a kid who said hed come with me to pee for me prior to the test, hand warmers to keep the piss at the correct temperature with thermometer strips to put on the bottle, and plan on practicing all day tomorrow. i hope this works, anyone got anything else to keep in consideration??
  13. 2 words, synthetic urine

    go to your local headshop and check out "the urinater" or "nuber 1" theres alot of different brand names that shit has never failed anybody i know, and ive recomended it to countless people that passed

    and dont buy a detox drink ive tried that and failed before

    heres more details: http://www.gonumber1.com/owners_manual.htm
  14. . Anyone know how i can make certain the temperature is in the right range while its in a glue bottle thats a problem im facing, also i would do the synthetic urine but in illinois it seems a lot of people dont deliver, and its too late for that i think. my test is tomorrow. its a drug screen too if that makes any difference.

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